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The Cult

Monday, 05/02/2005

We are now Afflitaes with DAS!
That is right! Now we are affliated with Delaware Anime Society thanks to my great connections...We even have an awesome button to put up here...look!

Isn't it great? Also, we had some problems last week with Middle schoolers coming over to the meeting. How did they find out what day it was? Hopefully we got that all straightened out and no one got in trouble.

Otakon tickets are now on sale! I was thinking about geting the group rate for the club and anyone else who wants go with someone in the club...such as my family members. See, group rate is thirty-five while regular is forty. Why pay more? For people who don't get this I will ask at the meeting.


Posted by anime6/amyrnaotaku at 2:20 PM EDT
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Monday, 04/18/2005

Next meeting
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Ummm...
Hey everyone.

For the next meeting I am going to ask if someone can have a sign in sheet to put everyo9ne name on. I think this might be an easier way for me to keep track of everyone, not to mention know who's e-mail I have where.

Also, a couple of us, including me, won't be there since we have a trip to Gettysburg. I am sorry. I will give someone something to watch, but for food and stuff you are on your own. Please don't kill off everything.

Vince has been experimenting with some poster designs that I hope he will remember to share with you all even though I am not there. Also, Michia(don't kill me if I spelt your name wrong), if she come will give out some more info about her dad's store which I hope we can help out with majorly!

Syanora for now!

Posted by anime6/amyrnaotaku at 12:36 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 03/23/2005

Mood:  chillin'
Hey guys....

I am actually going to be there for one whole meeting! Yeah! But here is what is on the agenda for today...I know, it sucks, but it must be done...

1. I have to talk to Ms. DeLoach about a bake sale thingy during Seussical. IF she says yes we have to figure out who can do what and where.

2. Do we want a spring break meeting? If so where? Maybe Akria and a few others that we can't show in school?

3. Mascot...I got a few ideas, but you guys have to tell me.

4.Ummm...there was one and I forgot...I will remember later.

I will post what happened later, so that everyone can see even if they weren't there, k?


Posted by anime6/amyrnaotaku at 8:59 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 03/23/2005 9:02 AM EST
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Sunday, 03/13/2005

Meeting Mix Up...
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: La~Arc-En Ciel....
Topic: Meetings

Sorry about last weeks meeting mix ups...Mrs. Robinson had stuff to do with her kids right after school and I can't just go and impose on Ms.Dean.

But never fear! This week we will have a meeting on Wednesday. Vince has requested that we watch the Evas we didn't get to and then Micakia is going to bring Magical Shopping Arcade Obenobashi...i know I spelt that wrong...

Also, Micakia's dad owns Smyrna Books and wants us to revamp the upstairs for him! How awesome is that? I was thinking of maybe having some video game tournements cheaper then Dover has them and maybe asking for somemore Manga so that people can have easy access to it...what do you guys think?

Also, I was going to ask if we could have a bake sale at the musical so that we could get some money...I don't know excatly what procedures we need to follow, but I will soon find out, ne?

I think that is all for now...bye guys, love you all!


Posted by anime6/amyrnaotaku at 9:08 AM EST
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Thursday, 03/03/2005

Our FIrst post!
Mood:  energetic
Yeah! I finally go this up! It isn't all done, but it is better then it was, ne? I figured the first background could be spiral then maybe next month could be Evangelion. I thought alternating quicly would be kinda of cool. I suppose this will be used for anything and everything, and I might try to get a link up to the School's website to make it more public and easier to get to.

Love ya,

Posted by anime6/amyrnaotaku at 10:08 AM EST
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