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Jewelz Website

Hi my name is Juliana my friends call me Jewelz. Welcome to my website if your lucky enough to see it. I live in New York City one of the greatest cities to live in. I'm 21 years old, finally legal drinking age but the funny thing is after I turned 21 no one has asked me for ID, funny how that works out. I hang out with my friends from City Tech College in Brooklyn when I get the chance and am feeling nostalgic. I'm currently single and attending FCI The French CUlinary Institute for Culinary Arts. It's gonna be fun Well this is my page hope you enjoy it. Come back soon. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it updated. :-) Click on the links below to see my photo albums. You can find me on profileJuliana.
And also check out my friend Sharmeen's Website

My Photo Albums

My H.S. Friends
The Guys
The Girls
The Table
The Group

My hobbies