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Welcome to [AzNDsK V.2]

Welcome to [AzNDsK V.2], this is Wakizashix (a.k.a. AzNDsK or dsk01 in GB) Nothing much to add right now, I'll edit if I have anymore ideas..

Daily Blab (may 29/2004)

Hey there.. Today is a three day weekend! WOOHOO! Well anyways, for me at California of course. I guess every else? I don't know. Well, anyways, today I got really pissed in GB. CyberKyogre helped the enemy kill me [ not that he did it on purpose or there was something he had against me I hope ] with the lightning. Yeah I died later by this guy who used boomer AND was almost dead. Before that, I was about to use dual to get extra damage on this guy that was the LAST person but my brother [ older ] rushed me and made me CLICK on teleport instead of dual. So I couldn't get the guy killed, I died instead, and I didn't get any money except for some shot bonuses and a win bonus. Cruddy match. Well lets see, not everything was bad. In PristonTale, I leveled my mech 2 levels so he is now Level 25! WOOHOO! Well anyways, enough about games.. Wait, I didn't do much but games. Lol, I forgot! It's because it's a weekend! Heh, well, in RL I shot some hoops, nothing much, just shot, practiced, and I DID AN AWESOME LAY UP! WOW! Oh well, it actually was just a regular one. That's all for today, hope this wasn't long. Oh yeah, and it's almost the end of school! WOOHOO!

Daily Blab (may 31/2004)

Sup! Lol, I said sup... Whatever well anyways... Brother was wondering today, why isn't he in InvASN yet? I was wondering that too... Everyone was invited besides him.. Is there something against him? Oh well, anyways, I didn't have enough time for GB today so I played PT instead. I got my mage to level 20! Woohoo! Wow, nothing much to say.. Yeah, well... I guess that's it for a while. BB, and good day!

Daily Blab (June/17/2004)

It's the end of the school year! For now at least, well anyways, I haven't been able to change much during the time. I plan on changing the layout since I already changed hosts.. [switched from GeoCities to HostUltra, unlimited bandwidth! yay!] Well yeah.. CK [CyberKyogre] was really bothering me during the weak since he was messing with me SOOO much that I messed his website up. I'll fix it later when I feel like it.

Daily Blab (June/22/2004)

Wow I found out that HostUltra really is.. UNRELIABLE! It gives all these benefits and 100MB and unlimited bandwidth but if they give EVERYONE unlimited bandwidth then I can't get bandwidth! So I decided to switch to AngelFire... Nothing new/special.. Except that it is reliable. Benefits of AngelFire:

  • reliable service
  • 1 GB of bandwidth
  • 20 MB of Webspace
  • I guess I have to keep with the basics.

    Note to "CK"

    Are you turning into a prick again? Quit being an a**. Don't keep on trying to sell junk to my brother and don't send out stupid remarks. Here's one my brother told ME you said: "At least I got to level 55" - CyberKyogre

    Now, isn't that one thing that you want to take back? If you say that, that means you obviously don't move around a lot. I know you've been bullsh**ing me so much about you "jogging" on the treadmills in the "office". You probably thought my brother wouldn't have told me about it hmm? I already told you when I found the ignore button that I told my brother about it. Here's another time when you get annoying:
    My OLDER brother>> at least i let my BROTHER play
    CYBERKYOGRE>> i ask them LOL
    [you ignore him on the list]
    [he ignored you on the list]

    If I were you, I would actually be listening to my friend. [which you didn't do because if you read above that I told my BROTHER how to ignore, you wouldn't have been so humilated] Don't try to start something because you're being a real prick and are showing off in a game that you're wasting your mom's money on. If you think that we are poor because we don't spend money on games, we aren't. We have a house and don't waste our LIVES that we DO HAVE on a game. If YOU think I'm obsolete and think I'm a "stupid fat" guy, guess what, I'm not, I also let my siblings on the computer which you do, wait, how did you get to level 55 in less then 1 year of playing pristontale ? Oh yeah, you DIDN'T let your siblings on unless if your mom would be angry at you. Don't try to throw back your sh**ty comebacks, they'll only make you look more stupider.

    Daily Blab (July/11/2004)

    Ah, PristonTale is finally turning Pay-to-Play. Now I have less pressure over my shoulders to worry about my characters' items. Enough about games... During from Friday last week to Saturday, and Friday from this week to Saturday [yesterday from this post being posted] I had to work my butt off. I woke up from 4:00AM - 4:30AM to 7:00PM - 9:00PM. I hate Mexicans! [hey, I'm speaking my mind!] When I was serving a mexican with his damn donuts, the only thing he had to say was, "Hey that's not what I wanted. (in some non-understandable accent) Are you sleeping or something? " My dad was freaking out because this guy has been saying this whenever I was helping my dad. When my dad went to serve another customer, I told him, "You think I can understand you you moron?" I'm guessing he couldn't understand me because he gave me a "wtf?" look. I just hate serving them... Alright, the pay was low this time.. From those 2 weeks, I only got $20-ish. Some tips I got.. Can't remember how much change.. Ah well, I'm out.


  • May 27, 2004: the creation of has begun!
  • May 28, 2004: major update [ I guess.. ] more sections added
  • May 29, 2004: changed layout, to my favorite band! Linkin Park!
  • May 30, 2004: the nav bar should be straight and even... if yours is not, please check under extras, choice 2 - if yours does not look like this, please use "Opera", a faster and secure browser - this image was ssed in opera
  • June 17, 2004: host changed to HostUltra [added 100MB of space/unlimited bandwidth]
  • June 22, 2004: host switched to AngelFire [added 20MB of space/1GB bandwidth]
    Check back later for more updates/news.

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