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The Guild of Zelda

Welcome to "The Guild of Zelda!"

The Guild of Zelda


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To all Members


This is the offical web site of Zelda. The reason I created this is because of the restrictions at Neopets. If you have any suggests about this website, feel free and email me!

Go to Hero of the Winds shop by clicking here . Buy great things and whoever buys 10 items first will get a token of thanks from the The Hero of the Winds.The token will be an item. After you buy something tell The Hero of the Winds (kingz_of_gamez). This is only for members in this guild.

Thanks for joining our guild! First members will be able to get dibs on positions.

Want to improve the Guild? Want to show your enthusiasm to the best Zelda and soon to be the greatest guild ever? Then show your true colors/colours and place the Guild logo in your user lookup/store! Just click here and just follow the instructions and be a proud member!

Look at links on the right for 'NAVI'agation on this site

Raise Thy Sword

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