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Evidence!! Ah ha!

Trory/Julian (To-ya and Yuki)

Why do I think Touya and Yukito are a good couple? Why do I even think they are a couple? Well.... I'll tell you. BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!! *cough* To-ya and Yuki (Tory/Julian)one of my favorite(duoxheero is my first) I started to like them, as soon as I first saw them together. You could tell straight away there was something special between them. And right near the end of the cardcaptors series, we all knew for certain they were a couple...

How did it all start? Well Yukito transferred to Touya's school during the first year of high school. We first see them it's near the beginning of second year. There are loads of signs that show us of the deeper feelings between them. Stuff like the nicknames they call each other: Touya calls Yukito "Yuki" and Yukito calls Touya "To-ya.", all that intimate contact like touching cheeks, cutting each others hair, sitting ~very~ close and the fact they're never away from each other!

And here's the ~good~ bit! Sakura confesses her feelings to Yukito in tankuobon 10 (ep 65 in the anime). Yukito says he doesn't feel the same way, and admits to being in love with Touya. He also he didn't know whether Touya felt the same way, but Sakura said she thought he did because he gave his power to Yue. Later Touya just confirms what everyone knew all along. When he and Yukito talking about the power exchange, Touya said he did it so he could keep seeing Yukito. At the same time Yukito realises that all his memories are fake, and Touya says "after you met me, your memories are all real."