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Evidence! Ah ha!

The most sweetest couple..besides 1x2 (Heero/Duo)^^

Trowa and Quatre! (3x4)

What evidence is there that it could work?

When fighting Trowa, Quatre surrenders (ep 3).

Trowa and Quatre spend some time together after their first battle, and even play musical instruments together ^o^ (ep 4).

After Trowa has left, Quatre says he wouldn't mind if they ended up fighting again, because at least then they'd meet again.

They fought alongside each other at New Edwards (ep 7)

When Trowa hears that it's Quatre who has Wing Zero, he continues his mission as if looking forward to it, disregarding the fact that Quatre is blowing away colonies.

Trowa says to him at some point, "This isn't like you at all," which makes the assumption that Trowa knows him well enough to make such a statement.

In the fight between Heero and Quatre, Trowa takes the blow to try and wake Quatre up (ep 25).

Immediately afterwards, when Quatre does wake up, he is desperate to save Trowa. He even tells Heero to kill him if need be, and then save Trowa (ep 25)

While on Earth, Quatre is constantly worrying about Trowa, and eventually goes into space to find him. When he finds him, he's crying.

Seeing Quatre starts to trigger Trowa's memories when they meet again the circus.

Trowa and Quatre are often pictured together the same way Heero and Duo are: Trowa is the perfect soldier, and Quatre the pure soul he's trying to protect.

In the case of Quatre

In the past, Quatre was very unsure of himself, and certainly a lot of that insecurity has followed him into the present. Though he has learned to believe more in himself and trusts in the righteousness of his mission, he is still searching for himself. Quatre needs someone who is strongsomeone to reinforce the progress hes made with his life. He needs to keep moving forward. Trowa is strong enough to support Quatrehes committed and determined, and even looks out for him. Though Quatres emotional strength grows considerably over the course of the show, he still needs someone to watch his back. And, as stated in the Trowa section, looking out for a fellow is what Trowa does best.

Over the course of the show Quatre shows more and more that he honestly cares about Trowahe spends the entire second half of the show looking for and worrying about him. He never went looking for Duo, who had spend over a month with him on Earthhe was worried about Trowa. He cares enough that he would rather die than let Trowa die (ep 25).

In the case of Trowa

Whether or not you subscribe to Trowa as a rape victim, it's obvious that for some reason he's hidden his emotions. They're not gonejust repressed. The more time spent in the presence of the other pilots, the more those emotions are drawn out (Quatre got him to play the flute, after all, ep 4). The first time we see a really positive attitude in Trowa is when he and Heero are out in the Mer And Vay suits, after Quatre. Trowa's voice and manner indicates that he's going to visit an old friendhe's confident and looking forward to the encounter, despite Heero's warnings and the reports of the destroyed colonies. At that point Trowa and Quatre had only known each other for a relatively short time, and yet Quatre has already had an effect on soldier instincts that Trowa had been building all his life.

Trowa has always lived in battle, and hasn't changed much in that time (supposedly). People from his past refer to him as a perfect soldier, and he himself admits that he's buried most of his emotion. As with Heero, Quatre is a kind of soldier unlike anything Trowa has thus far encountered. He's not used to dealing with people that are pure and innocent like that, and it's no wonder he tries to protect Quatre. It's the kind of thing us angst writers live for: "I love him/her, but I'm not worthyhe/she is so much more pure than I am" etc. If Trowa is going to learn to live with his emotions from now on, Quatre would be the best one to teach him. Not only is Quatre kind, patient, and understanding (as he too has gone through difficult times), but he honestly wants to help Trowa.

Another Doujinshi Scan..for more proof!