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24.Oct.2003 -- Someone mentioned to me that the link to the lyrics page didn't work. There currently is no link there because there currently is no lyrics page because I haven't gotten around to typing out my lyrics -- so I removed the misleading text.
5.Nov.2003 -- Just a small update -- I added a link.
11.Nov.2003 -- I added a counter to this web site.

About me

Let's see ... where should I start? ... My name is Bryan, and I am at St. Norbert College. I'm going to soon be majoring in Japanese and computer programming. I have been learning html since about a week or two ago, so that explains the quality of this web site. (I still have a lot to learn ...) Some of my lyrics might be difficult to understand 'cos they might be written at least partially in Japanese, but not to worry -- I'll post it not only in Japanese but also I'll put it in romanised Japanese and with an English translation. After all, not everyone speaks Japanese ... then again, not everyone speaks English. I'm also the founder and head of the St. Norbert College Anime Club.

I also created a game show over Instant Messenger called "Hate Connection." Click here to see how to play this game.
Click here to see the episode guide for "Hate Connection."

To see some of my lyrics and other works, (COMING SOON!)

But whatever you do, don't click here! (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

About this site

This is my first serious attempt to make a web page, and so far I think it's turned out to be quite good. I used the most powerful HTML editor available on the market. No, I'm not talking about Netscape Composer or Microsoft FrontPage. I'm referring to a program that practically everyone and their grandmother knows about and has overlooked as an HTML editor. I speak, of course, of Windows Notepad. That's right -- I'm doing this for a class, so rather than having a program do all the formatting for me, I did it all on my own. Like the old saying goes, "if you want something done right, do it yourself." Okay, I think I'm done bragging now ^_^

Legal mumbo jumbo

All content that I created is the intellectual property of this site's creator. They may be looked at, downloaded, copied, etc. freely, as I'm not in this for the money. Just don't use these for commercial purposes, such as recording these songs and making bajillions of dollars, without my permission. It doesn't hurt to ask, after all.

This site looks best when viewed with Netscape, though any browser is suitable for viewing this site.

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