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St. Joseph's BS!!
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St. Joseph's denies freedom, threatening to expel!

Okay, recently the Joseph's faculty have decided that students are not allowed to participate in the use of blog-type websites such as myspace, xanga, etc etc. The reason for this? It seems that a bosco parent found a myspace group called "bosco bitches and joes hoes". For this reason, and this reason alone, they feel that students are degrading themselves and the school, and should not be allowed to vocalize their opinions as to how they may feel about the school. I'm sure those who were in the group didn't even think twice about the name, it was just a name for chrissakes! I spoke to one Joseph's student asking if the group made fun of or degraded anyone and she answered "NO! the site doesn't make fun of other people, those who are on the list choose to be on the list on there own free will". Does the school have the authority to forbid the use of these sites? I think not! What a student does on the internet, unless illegal or against school policy, cannot be controlled. Many of the students use these sites to tell how they feel or to vent out any emotions that they have, I see nothing harmful, in fact these sites help them because they are able to let their feelings out instead of keeping it to themselves. Another thing about these blog sites that is very positive is the community they bring out. Many people meet other people through groups like the one on myspace and end up making new friends. Ultimately i feel that the school has no right to do what they did. To deny the basic freedom of speech, is to deny what the school is built upon, the Christian faith. Countless diciples of christ were killed because of what the believed and what the professed, in a way, the school is killing the the freedom and dignity of its students.


Do you have any opinions on this matter? If so, please email me at and i'll post it up on this site.