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Site News:

11th July 2007

Finally uploaded the 10 Bit By Bit comics I'd done. Finally. :D All there for you, finally. ^w^
As if people are even coming here any more. ^^;;
...Also I'm severely running out of space on Angelfire. I've got maybe... ooh. six to eight meg left.
Help anybody? ^^;

22nd July 2006

Still need help with sprites. :/ Nobody ever answers though.
Been a while since I updated.
Believe it or not I HAVE worked some on Bit By Bit. But not enough.
I should get back to that. Or cancel it. I dunno.
Guestbook is removed because there's too many spammers.

20th October 2005

Need help with sprites. Fuckin' hell.
New rant (funny) in LJ (and copied to my Rants page here if you don't want to look at my emoJournal. Heh.)
Having NO luck finding the main part of my halloween costume. At least one. I have a backup but it's lame. -.-;
Moving on with life as usual...

Enh... Fuck. Like anybody comes here anymore.

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