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Haven of Vaelos, Balkoth, Alistair, and others...
The Anime District


Anime d20 RPG
Anime Shows I Like (Coming Soon)
Anime Art I Like (Coming Soon)
Anime Art I've Made (Coming Soon)

This page is devoted to various anime projects I like, whether it involves role-playing, talking about my thoughts regarding specific shows, artwork I make, edit, or find, or whatever else I cram in here. I hope you like it.

Following are a countdown clock, or two, keeping track of when certain things (video games, booster pack, etc), are scheduled to release. Wait in anticipation with me, won't you?

Opening for Tales of Symphonia

Opening for Tales of Symphonia 2

Opening for Tales of Legendia

Openiong for Tales of the Abyss

"Passion", from Kingdom Hearts II, just because it's awesome