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Thanks for accepting our invitation                                                                       To visit The Poonanai & look at the opportunity to participate in the creation of  an internet with the features articles and content that you want to experience and share with the people that are important to you, because you help create it.

The Poonanai is geared to be a web community of great importance. Our design is simple touch base with people that believe "Adult" content is not always raunchy sex, violence, vulgar humor & the use of words that are popular because of their being inappropriate for certain audiences.  The Poonanai is an intelligent forum with featured articles by writers, artists, musicians,  articles opening the discussion boards.

The Poonanai has no pop-up ads, no banners & no in between advertising pages. All forms of ads not directly related to an article, pictorial, poem or work of fiction will be found in one of our convenient directories. Where your & your patrons can find what you're looking for without the terrorism of unwanted information or the nerve racking annoyance of boxes over lapping what you're into.  However we do place static links to sponsors that offer payment or services to assist us bring quality writers of content.

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