2 the beginning



 A Poem by J. Sharpe

 Bridge Over Troubled Water


Singing from your beautiful mouth

Tortured me to sleep and peace

Climbing and trying to find more


Your skin was warm even soft though

I seemed to make you cry

Remember your mouth quivering

When I turned around to your sight


My back was to you - this I know

At the time I recall wanting to feel

Only your hand touching my back

Saying, please donít go I need you


But you are another person now

I thought you were someone else

Before I wrote this song I didnít realize

How little I knew myself


I was always alone you see

Playing under the covers in a white room

Everyone - gone somewhere to play

Or so I thought as I dreamed


With an orange blanket strewn over my eyes

I played with those crevices and creases like tunnels

All to new paths and places

Anywhere I

 And here now wondering

That my earliest moment of remembered youth

Defines my life as it exists today