Get up

Brothers & sisters


The doors to the floor are open

Whatever it is tonight thatís holding you down

Let it go, let it loose, let it free, let it out


Get up, get off your ass, get on your feet & get on the floor

& Shout!

Iím alive                                                 & Itís a good thing

People come from all over the world to party in the ďDĒ

To experience peace and harmony, to get their groove on

Now letís lead the world by example.

Let the Dee Jay give Ďem a sample

A blend & a cut

Letís give the world ample reason

To shake some butt

Take their happy ass home                                               saying

Detroit is the shit

Some of yaíll ainít feeling it

This movement

This groove with

Bombastic bass angelic treble

Moves booties

From basement to pavement From Downstairs to the Y, from the Steam pit to the Asylum, From Le umo to the Lady - From Heaven & Hell to the bowling alley- From Burger King to Tienamen square- From the Warehouse to the Cat house- From the Knock Knock to wherever House heads bounce

Sweat sucking every ounce

Of last weekís bullshit out through pores

Poison rain falls from flesh

Leaving holy water on the floor


 Letís sanctify this communion

Raise your left hand to the one

Head down whispering a prayer into your right fist


Between every beat is

A moment of silence

For the hopeless, the helpless, for the left behind

For the missed, the misunderstood, the mistreated, the mistaken & the missing


But the sound

This beautiful sound

The beat down sound is

For the living                                                        But the beat down sound is

For you


Throw your right hand up, cast your troubles to the wind

Hold your head up high & shout


Iím alive                                                 & Itís a good thing


Look at the people around you find somebody & say

Damn! Itís good to see you

Itís good to be seen. Thank You!


Get up, get off your ass, and get on your feet

Throw your hands up & shout

Iím alive

The rest of yaíll donít understand

This is a good thing