For A Time Without A While

For without a pumping heart - I
am framed still, still lies
A measure of blood loss - Outward
fright is tensed breath, breath buys
Time in fractured pattern ends - Bound
bodies free from torment, torment cries
Without discerning cramped pace - Soul
ceased from speech willing, willing tries
A madness mused forward blinking not - Bare
boxed gifts left to rot, rot hides
While shadows form closure round - Wit
left ruin to memory's burrowed eye, eye flies

On Hopefulness

A feathery word to live light for:
Tomorrow never comes crashing down
In jerking spasm attacks centered hard
On just one head

Give up security
It just ain't worth it

We're a sheltered spot on the hide
of the Great Animal
Civilization is the creep who was eaten


Incensed Iron Right

! Real That Right Arm You Shook
Being Iron Strong Stifled When
Incensed Your Worried Searching
Promise Clouds For
Seeing Joy