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The Fine Art of Book Binding with              Joe Ferrari,                                 Shelia Palmer's Historic Textile Designs

Space: where we do the thing We do

Paintings by Celeste a woman experienced & Expressed. Home: is it the place you want to be? Masai  Wa Omari tells us why building a new house may be to your advantage

Romance: Love, sex & Booty Calls

Our writers ask Who's got their parachute on? Why Is a booty call just an excuse for being shallow? Can it become a way of life Are you Romantic? Join the Q&A on our discussion board       

SOUNDS: Colin Z. Minx, Amorphous Puddle of Sound & Munk.                                 We asked, in fact begged DJ Korie to get into the minds of the cats of Beatdown Sounds, it cost us dinner and stuff but it was worth it. House Music: when was it established? Somebody please find The Electrifying Mojo


Thanks Mom

We think you get the Idea

Poetry by Joe Sharpe,          Mona Hade, &   U. Newkirk II.

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