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Poonanai.org is dedicated to the true beauty & power of the feminine force. The subtle cycles all sentient life must acknowledge. Daughter, sister, aunt, lover, bitch, whore, goddess, mother, Earth.
Please stop being a mother fucker & show her some love

The purpose of poonanai.org is to afford voice & venue to persons in the arts, culture & humanities industries, outside of their performed tasks. To give emerging artists access to the wisdom & knowledge of established, experienced artists & those same established artists platform for critique & expression.

Poonanai.org is not a porn site & doesn't specifically or directly sale, distribute or promote pornography or illicit content, but we suggest that erotica & even graphic depictions of sexual acts & open discussion can be a healthy natural empowering part of living.

We've designed the environment of this site to feel like a lounge, dimly lit, warm & comfortable. A very laid back atmosphere that hints at the opportunity to find the right people to accommodate & places in the world to facilitate living out one's fantasies. However where we believe the information contained is pertinent to improving the quality of human life, the pages will be clear and easily understood.

Our main desire, therefore our mission is to be a hub within the arts, media, culture & humanities related businesses specifically in Detroit Proper, where we live & work. To connect people & services together.
Additionally Poonanai.org intends to offer creative persons opportunity to access a wider community by establishing active cyber-venues via Galleries chat rooms, message boards & web casts. We afford opportunity to earn monies outside of the normal work day with affiliate & partnership programs for national & international shopping venues, wholesalers, information & media services. At present Poonanai houses one internet radio station, with music by Detroit Musicians & disc jockeys. But in the near future plans to host a fleet of IRSs & hopefully satellite radio to cover every major music genre made in Detroit.

If you are a music artist and live and or work in Detroit proper, contact us at siddarta@poonanai.org, and we'll be more than happy to the guidelines of offering play list time, as a paid performer or showcase artist.

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