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Parrots as Pets: *CAUTION* Not for most People!

If you care about Animal Rights and are against abuse against Animals please read this paper!!

*NOTE* Most of the following images are from Special thnx to Jerry for letting me use these photos.

Please read before buying a Parrot as a pet, and please spread the word! Parrots, Large Birds should not be kept as pets!! *Caution* Real pictures here of real birds after mutilating themselves, and hurting themselves because of what people do to them. This is what they do to themselves because they are not meant to be pets!

Cute and Cuddly is the word often used to describe these once beautiful creatures. But being kept in a cage all their lives by us humans has finally broken down these poor things. These are proven images of how Large birds should not be kept as pets. This is what happens to these poor once beautiful creatures that have no rights in this world.

Parrots are highly intelligent creatures. They have the mind and emotions of a 2-5 year old child. If not treated with respect and the proper care and attention this is what they do themselves. With nothing else in their lives they kill themselves. They have done nothing in this world to deserve this.

Please DO NOT purchase a Parrot if you are not ready to handle a 2 year old for the rest of your life. Obviously these bird owners weren't ready. More than 80% of all birds purchased are abused and hurt themselves like this.

These creatures want nothing more than to be loved properly and have their freedom. Fight against the importing of these animals. Fight for their rights as you would fight for your own!!

Beak mutilation after being locked in a cage all alone and no one to love him. Please stop this don't let this happen anymore!

In case you are wondering this is what a healthy bird is suppose to look like....

This is very rare though. Do not abuse your animals. Please fight for your animals rights. Millions of birds and animals alike are murdered each year because of ignorant owners!

For more information of proper Bird care please visit this site:

If you know of a bird being abused and would like to save it, contact a rescue organization such as this one:

Big Apple Bird Association, 212-714-7793