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And that stuff you read only because you're bored.
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Ahh, my little chaos section. ^^ Basically, this part of my site hosts my rants on different things, and other different things that didn't fit anywhere else.

Now, listen very closely minna. I will only say this once: the things said in my essays and rants are MY opinions. If you flame me because of them, I'll make your life a living hell by making a flames page and mocking the crap out of you. Okay, now that is settled, enjoy!


The Better Miko
-My personal opinion and comparison between Yui and Miaka of Fushigi Yuugi.

-A little tribute to some of the characters that are often overshadowed in their own anime shows.

Who Should Burn In One of the Eight Worst Hells
-My little shit list of characters I absolutly despise. Anyone who's talked to me knows about this list.

My Top Ten
-Ah yes, my top ten favorites. ^-^

Rants Rant
-Probably my best known rant out there, for anyone who's read my Xanga page.