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One of my Main interests is Anime. However a lot of the best Anime never makes it to the United States, so how can those of us in the US see these anime? Fansubs! Fansubs are where a person or group of people takes a copy of the program they recive from people in the home country of the show. They then take the time to translate the show into english and then take more time to add english to subtitle to the show. Once the show is checked for consistancy and accuracy it is distributed through a network of enthusiasts.

My favorite way of retriving these files is through BitTorrent. BitTorrent is a new Peer2Peer transfer program where once you have a small portion downloaded you begin sharring that part. My links page has links to the BitTorrent client used for these downloads and a few of my favorite sites to download Anime.

The other thing that takes up most of my time besides school is work. I work at Best Buy
I work in the Media department selling Video Games, CD's, DVD's, and computer software. Video Games took up; a lot of time before I worked and went to school full time so now I get to use my knowledge of video games to make money, I love it.