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well, its been less than a week since i reopened my site... and i've got to say something...
under the review section, my game area shall be open sometime soon... because i've been working vigorously (ah.. not really.. just slightly) to finish up this area... i've got many games... many of which are RPGs... but i've got others... so while you await the arrival of this section... i shall keep you posted!

Also, i think i might be starting a new format for my homepage... i'm going to be asking friends for help on how to make my home page more organized... so yeah...
Even if you are;nt my friend.... give me an IM at KirbyMcKirbs -- its AOL Instant Messanger... so... yeah...

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now it the time i ask you to send me some comments! so... SEND ME SOME COMMENTS IN MY GUESTBOOK!

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