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Shops and stores galore at the Neopian Market

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is where you can open up a shop and sell your products to everybody else in Neopia. If you spot something that shouldn't be in a Neopets shop, please report it using this form.

Create/Edit a Shop | Stock | Shop Till | Sales History
Quick Stock | Shop Front | Reset Shop

Your Shop
(it costs 150 NP to open a shop)
Shop Name
(where your shop is located)
Shop Description
(please do not use rude words or IFRAMES!)
Shopkeeper Picture
(Check the box if you want your shopkeeper to have a transparent background)

Shopkeeper Name
Shopkeeper Greeting

Shop Size

Your shop is currently size 115 (1150 sq ft. of floorspace). This means that it can hold 575 items for sale. If you would like to purchase some more room to place items in, then please press the upgrade button below. Remember, the bigger your shop gets, the higher it appears on the list, and the more likely people are to visit it!

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