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Celsi Wish 2004-01-28T04:03:01-08:00 2004-01-28T12:05:12Z 2004-01-28T12:05:12Z, HEY! SCHOOL FOR FRCKIOUTHSEBTKJDBT CANCELLED TODA...
Celsi Wish 2004-01-26T12:28:30-08:00 2004-01-26T20:30:38Z 2004-01-26T20:30:38Z, Got back from school an hour ago ^_^ we had no mid... Got back from school an hour ago ^_^ we had no midterms cuz Mrs.Pash was absent. YES! lol Kristen fell off the auditorium seating >.< As Kelly said, "If theres a will, there's a way. If there's a way, Kristen will find it!" ahahahaa lol Anywhoo, yeah cheese I'm done lol Celsi Wish 2004-01-26T03:47:09-08:00 2004-01-26T11:49:16Z 2004-01-26T11:49:16Z, Hey I created a new blog because I thought I'd jus...
Hey I created a new blog because I thought I'd just start over again ^_^.. Anyways, it's 646 and I'm just sittin here waiting for my bus.. I have to call back the Auto school because I missed a class and I also have to make up class 15. Doug said the test was easier than uh..*thinks* cutting butter. lol So I'm almost 110% sure I'll pass it. I guess the questions are like "What color is go?" -_-..Only a true idiot would be nervous about taking the test..haha..well when that's done I'll have my DEC, plus I already set up an onroad lesson for.. i think like..Feb vacation. Yup yup.. after 6 of those, I can apply for my license! w00t.. April 25th I think.. HEY! OMG I ALMOST FORGOT! Bob bought us tickets to Florida! We're going during April vacation! ^_^.. My dad is coming back from Iraq really soon! YAY!!!!!!!!!! In about 3 months! I'm so excited! But he has to stay down in Fort Bragg for a month for some reason. Anyways, I went to Walmart and bought some stuff for valentines day for some people *^_~*.. At least it won't be like last year! and we all know what happened then..>.>;.. bleh.. well anyway, I must be off to school! -_- ..yay. I'm so excited. Someone pinch me.. I must be having a nightmare. C ya!
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