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What is YYH?


Okay, first off I want to ask why are you even on a Yu Yu Hakusho site if you donít know what it is? Yu Yu Hakusho is an anime and --- What, you donít know what that is either? An anime is a Japanese cartoon. Probably the most known anime is Pokemon. Okay, Yu Yu Hakusho is an anime and a manga, a Japanese comic. Yu Yu Hakusho basically translates into Ghost Files or Poltergeist Report. Itís the story of a regular delinquent, named Yusuke Urameshi, that dies in a car accident, but since he wasnít suppose to die, he is brought back to life. Now he has become a Spirit Detective and must protect the world from demons. Yu Yu Hakusho is filled with just about everything,; action, comedy, and romance. Itís one of the best animes out there!

Yu Yu Hakusho is a really popular anime. One of it's main characters, Kurama won the Most Sexy male anime character in Japan. The show itself ran for 112 epsiodes and had two movies. I heard it has a lot of OVAs too, but I'm not sure... The manga ran from 1990 to 1994 in Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump.

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