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//Smile Bomb!~~~Always bring a smile!~~~//
Smile Bomb! Always bring a smile!


August 15
Chapter 2 of the Gift is up. We also translated two more songs, Wild Wind and The sun will shine again.

August 14
new Fanfic the Gift has been added. I'm going to add the second/last chapter tomorrow. Also chapter five of Bloody Mary.

August 14
FINALLLY there is something in the gallery! I'm sorry it took so long; galleries are not all that easy. I had to take the pics, upload them, etc. But now the Smile Bomb version one gallery and The Homework Never Ends gallery is up, so enjoy! Also two more fan arts have been added. They are drawn by the talented Kitsune Miko! So check them out!

August 12
Summary of Volume one of the manga is up and new lyrics to the song Our Seasons.(I forget the japanese name...)

August 9
Couples section has been added!

August 7
New lyrics, Kokoro wo Tsunaide. Also Bimonthly quote and Pic of the month is up.

August 3
Contact section is added, and What's YYh is up! Also you can now return to the main page by clicking home. Next chapter of Bloody Mary is up also.

August 3
Genkai's bio is up and a new fanfic and fanart added.

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