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Roses by the Beach

By Meiko

Chapter Five

"Bye Bye Yuzuko, You Idiot "

I'm sure Koenma will be able to do something about him." She said smiling. "That's a good idea; it makes more sense." He said grinning. "You're idea's usually are good." He added as an afterthought. Botan smiled and shock her head. "Yours are good as well; I'm just pointing out easier ways." She said. Kurama smiled. "Thanks." "Ok, now are you going to deliver him on your oar?" Botan smiled and nodded. "Would you like to come too?" She asked, grinning. "Would your oar be able to hold all of us?" Botan smiled and nodded. "Uh huh, it can turn larger if I want it to, and it can carry up to about ten hundred pounds." She said smiling. Then adding as an after thought, "And no, I do not weigh half that, or a quarter that." Kurama laughed. "I know that, You barely weigh anything!" Botan smiled and summoned her oar. It popped up in front of her, but was a bit longer then it usually was. She picked up Yuzuko and put him in front of her. "Hop on!" She said cheerfully. Kurama got on and almost fell off. Botan laughed. "You can hold on to me." She said winking and grinning. "It took me a while to get a hang of this thing the first time I became a Ferry Girl." Kurama smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Ok, here we go!" Botan exclaimed and took off.

~Meanwhile~ Keiko frowned, worriedly. "Where is Botan and Kurama?" She asked Yusuke, Hiei, and Kuwabara for the eighth time. Yusuke rolled his eyes, "I told you Keiko, for the tenth time, I don't know." Keiko's eyes widened. "Not the tenth time, only the eighth." She said frowning. Yusuke sweat dropped and did a fake Anime fall. (Hehehe) Hiei and Kuwabara came around the lighthouse with Hiei looking especially worried for a change. "Baka Kurama, chikuso!" He mumbled to himself. Unfortunately for him Kuwabara noticed this and started laughing annoyingly. "What's wrong with you baka? Kuwabara smiled and continued laughing.

"Nothing, nothing, it's just that you said you don't give a care about ningens like us but Kurama is a ningen too." He said. Hiei glared at him and took out his Katana. He pointed it at Kuwabara's neck and growled. "Ahh!!! Attack of the shrimp!" Kuwabara shouted. Yusuke burst out laughing as Keiko shrieked. "Hiei! Put down your Katana, please?" She asked sweetly. Hiei sneered and put his Katana back away. Yusuke was still laughing with tears in his eyes now. "Hn. You aren't worth my time. Anyway, we have to find Kurama." Then receiving a look of pure death that frightened even his self, added, "And Botan." Keiko smiled and quickly lost it to slap Yusuke who was still on the ground. ~Meanwhile~ >>>In the air<<< Botan smiled widely. She loved the feeling when the wind rushed through her hair and brushed against her face. She breathed in deeply. She loved to go flying on her oar but didn't have a lot f time to recently. She giggled, one of those reasons was a very good one though, and it was right behind her clutching on to her waist in fear. "I can see you really like flying on your oar." Kurama said bemused. Botan giggled again. "And I can see you are very afraid still that you might fall off." She replied still smiling very broadly. Kurama smiled. "

I'm just not that used to flying on an oar one-hundred or more feet up." He said. Botan raised her eyebrows. "You need to relax. Just trust in me. And the oar." She added as an afterthought. Kurama smiled. "I trust you." He said without one trace of regret. Botan smiled at this. "Well, then trust the oar." She said with a laugh. "Ok. I will try." Kurama said sarcastically. "It is a bit hard to trust in a non-living thing though." Kurama said. Botan raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Soon they were flying over the river sticks. "Botan breathed in deeply and smiled. Kurama looked around at her and smiled. She looked as if she had missed being here a lot. She was smiling so happily it made his heart melt in two. I wonder if I make her even close to that happy....... He quickly brushed the selfish thought away as they started to land.

Kurama smiled when Botan jumped off the oar and started dancing around. "Yep, you missed it." He said as if pointing out the obvious. Botan smiled. "Yeah I did. Am I that obvious?" She asked and pouted. Kurama couldn't take her looking so cute with her lip hanging out anymore and kissed her. Botan was surprised by the kiss but welcomed it and kissed him back. For a while they got lost in each other totally forgetting Yuzuko until Botan remembered why they were here and stopped kissing Kurama. She smiled and hugged him. Both of them did not want to stop kissing and that was apparent on Kurama's face. "Sorry Kurama-chan but I have to take Yuzuko into Koenma before he wakes up. I dunno how long I was asleep for in the cave. Kurama nodded and smiled. He embraced her again for a while then let go and went to pick up Yuzuko. He did and walked up to the gates of the Spirit World.

Ok so the gate of judgment. Same thing, except gates of Spirit World sounds so cool. Doesn't it? Anyway, Botan spoke into the doors and they opened. When they finally got to where Koenma was Botan smiled and spoke. "Koenma sir, can I leave Yuzuko with you? I do not know what else to do." She said. Koenma smiled and shook his head. "Ogre! Get in her now!" Koenma barked. "What is it Koenma sir?" Asked George, the blue ogre. "Take this demon to the kitchens and get him some dishes to wash." Koenma barked. "But Koenma sir, he's not awake!" George pointed out. "I know THAT!" Koenma barked back. "Do that when he wakes up!" George replied with, "Where do I put him in the meantime Koenma sir?" He asked. "Don't ask me! Just somewhere!" Koenma yelled. He popped into his Teenager form. "I do not have time for this, there's a meeting with the board and they are already yelling at me asking what to do for the rebellious poor losers of the Dark Tournament that are destroying towns." HE spoke to George. "Yes Koenma sir!" George said and dragged Yuzuko off to who knows where.