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Roses by the Beach

By Meiko

Chapter Four

"Despise and Demise"

"He was my apprentice when I was Yoko, and a thief. I had gotten bored and wanted to train someone as my apprentice and Yuzuko came and asked. Unfortunately, Yuzuko was the one who betrayed me in he end, by going off and alerting them that I was after the King's Treasure." (AN: Sorry yet again for not knowing the correct name.) Botan's eyes widened. "But, it actually was fortunate, for if he didn't then I wouldn't have become Suichi Minamono and I wouldn't have ever met the one person I love most in this world, you, Botan." He said and smiled. Yuzuko frowned, obviously jealous. "Enough chat. I've put a spell so this will only affect you; Yoko, you will fight me again!" Yuzuko cried and opened the box. It hit Kurama full on and Botan watched in wide eyed terror as he began to get smaller and smaller and smaller until he was a baby, and then, standing right infront of her was the cold, strong, and unhappy Yoko Kurama. Botan's eyes widened and she started to crawl backwards. She was obviously only five feet or so away from him. He turned towards her. "Like I told you before," he said in a very Un-Kurama voice, "I will not hurt you, I still love you, and never will I let him get within even ten feet of you." He said and turned back to Yuzuko.

Yuzuko smirked, "I'm gonna kill you, and when your dead I'm gonna take your girlfriend for my own and claim her." He said, as Botan blanched and felt sick. Yoko growled. "You always were a brainless idiot." He snarled. "Don't you dare touch one hair on her head. If you do I can assure you a very, very slow and painful death, and when your dead I'll take out your guts and stuff them in your mouth, to silence you for eternity for even suggesting you would take Botan for your own." Botan smiled, even though she felt sick at the fact of stuffing his guts in his own mouth. Yep. He loves me. That's still Kurama. Yuzuko raised an eyebrow. Then blew a kiss towards Botan and started running towards Yoko at full speed, swinging a huge ax. Yoko just stood there.

At the last minute, he moved out of the way and pulled out his Rose Whip. "Rose Whip Thorn Wheel!" Yoko shouted and hit Yuzuko. But in a second Yuzuko was up again and smiling. "Now, seriously, Yoko, is that the best you can do? You really have grown soft." He said and charged at Yoko. Suddenly he cried, "Ax counter sword of earth!" And swung the ax head into the ground like he was scooping something. Suddenly the ax turned into a sword and Yuzuko started running at Yoko again. It sliced through his gut and came out the other side. Botan screamed. Yoko just raised an eyebrow. "Now is that the best YOU can do?" He asked and pulled the sword out of his stomach. It started to almost instantly heal, although there was still quite a large cut, Botan could tell that he was not seriously injured. Yuzuko growled and charged at Yoko again. Yoko pulled out a rose and threw it HIGH into the air. "Rose rain grenade!" Yoko shouted, then flung some powder at Yuzuko. Yuzuko raised an eyebrow, laughed, then tried to move but couldn't.

Yoko ran, grabbed the box, and as he did it started raining full sized roses. Yoko ran over, grabbed Botan, and moved twenty feet away. "What the- AHHH!" was all she heard Yuzuko say before Yoko flattened Botan to the pavement and covered her with his own body. Botan heard an explosion three seconds after the roses stopped falling and winced. She felt a wave of heat fall over her body and wondered if Yoko was all right. After a couple of minutes Yoko got off of Botan and sat down. She got up and sat down next to him. When she did she gasped. There were burns all along Yoko's back. "They will heal, but not all the way. At least in this form they will quickly, but the burns will still be there. I still have a large cut in my stomach also. Hold on." He said and took the box out from behind him. He suddenly smashed it and in a few seconds, where Yoko was, Kurama was. "But enough from me, are you all right?" Kurama asked worriedly. Botan stared at him for a minute before flinging her arms around him and embraced him, being wary of his burns. It's ok Botan, he's gone now. Kurama, um, said telepathically. I'm just so happy your ok. Stupid, always worrying about everyone else besides yourself, I wouldn't have been able to live if you had died. She replied. Kurama smiled. Don't worry, I won't ever leave you...he said. "Thankfully I have a first aid kit in my backpack. She said smiling. She pulled it out. "Now lay over my lap so I can treat your burns." Kurama smiled and did so. Botan squeezed some skin healing potion Yukina had given her into her hands and tenderly rubbed Kurama's back.

"Mmm...that feels good. Did you get that from Yukina?" Kurama asked. "Yeah, and I thankfully brought it along." Botan replied. After a couple of minutes all the potion had disappeared from her hands and Kurama's back looked perfect. Except for a scar where the sword had come out. "Ok, now turn over. I'm gonna treat the huge cut in your stomach." Botan said. Kurama didn't say anything. She looked at his face. She then tried to hold in a laugh. He's asleep. aww...he's so cute like that though! She thought. She tenderly turned him over so that he was on his back. She pulled out some antiseptic with a grim smile. Sorry love, this is gonna probably sting, and wake you up. She took out a cotton swab and poured the clear liquid onto it. She gently started to clean his cut. Kurama grunted in pain and woke up. "Sorry dear, I need to make sure you don't get an infection." She tenderly said. Kurama smiled at Botan, although she could she pain etched into it. After she finished cleaning it out she squeezed some more skin healer into her hand and applied it to Kurama's stomach. After it had all disappeared, she helped Kurama up and sat him down beside her. Kurama sighed and leaned his had on her chest. Botan hugged him and closed her eyes. She stroked his cheek and breathed in his scent of roses. That was a little hard on both of them, the whole affair with Yuzuko. After a while Kurama stood up and helped Botan up as well. "Come on, lets go and relax." Kurama said. Botan smiled. "Ok." They went up to the lighthouse tower with Botan leaning on Kurama's shoulder. "'s so pretty up here." Botan said as she looked out the tower. She felt a strange feeling like someone was watching her again but it couldn't be..could it? Nah. "I'm going to go down to the gardens and look at the plants, ok Kurama?" "Sure Botan, I'll be there in a minute, I just want to read this," he said pointing to plaque with writing on it about the way the tower was built to look like something. Botan nodded and went downstairs and into the gardens.'s so beautiful here. I'm glad we decided to go. She bent down and sniffed a flower. As she did she felt something hit the side of her neck. "Ow, was that a bee?" she mused out load. She felt the side of her neck and picked whatever it was out. She looked at it and her eyes widened. It was a dart made out of a.... A rose? She narrowed her eyes. "What the-" but was unable to finish the rest of the sentence for at that moment she dropped down unconscious. Yuzuko stepped out of the shadows smiling. "Sleep well my princess." He said, picking up Botan and holding her bridal style.

Kurama jumped. He sensed something. "BOTAN" Came rushing to his mind like a waterfall into the lake. He sprinted down the lighthouse and ran into the garden. His eyes, wide in fear and shock scanned the area. Oh don't worry, she's fine, came the voice of Yuzuko. Well, at least she is for now, he continued. "YUZUKO! DON'T YOU DARE HURT HER!" Kurama shouted at the silence. Heh, meet me at the cave in the cliff a bit away from the bazaar. If, that is, you want to see your girlfriend before I claim her for my own. Yuzuko said in a taunting voice. (AN: For all you fellow girls, sorry I had to make the perverted villain hot ^_^; Heheh...) Kurama growled and started sprinting EXTREMELY fast towards the cave. Dammit Yuzuko, you better not have done anything to hurt her or else I'll kill you exactly as I told you I would. No...I'll do MUCH worse, I'll make you regret ever coming to me and asking to be my apprentice. He thought while running.

~Meanwhile~ "Ugh, where am I?" Botan asked to no one in particular as she woke up. She saw cave walls and, and, not a lot else, to be quite sincere. She suddenly felt very cold. She sat up and rubbed her head. She looked around and gasped. Yuzuko was standing a little ways away. Ok, remain calm and cool. Don't let him know I'm awake. Botan thought to herself. Yuzuko looked over at her. So much for that plan, Botan thought as she sunk down and started trembling. To be quite honest, she was deathly afraid, she knew he could kill her, or worse. "Heh, don't worry, I won't do anything. Yet." Botan backed up until she hit the cave wall. "What does that supposed to mean?" You jerk. Botan added in her head. "It means I'm waiting for Kurama to come before I claim you. I want to see his face contort in anger and fear." Yuzuko replied lustfully. Botan blanched. "You are sick." She spat. "Whatever." He said as if she had just said the sky was blue. He suddenly turned around and faced Botan. He started walking over towards her. Botan's eyes widened in fear. "You might want to close your eyes." He said. "What fo--" She was cut off as she sank to the floor. "For this," Yuzuko said as he pulled out the rose dart he threw at her. Heh, Kurama, you better hurry. She's so annoying I might just kill her.

~Meanwhile again~ Kurama sensed Botan's energy weakening and quickened his pace. By now he must have been going fifty miles-per-hour! DAMMIT YUZUKO! She had better be alive, and I swear if you did anything to her I WILL pull out your innards and make you eat them. Kurama thought as he ran. Finally he got to the cave and dashed inside. He saw Yuzuko waiting in there and Botan lying in a corner. His eyes widened as he saw the site. He rushed over and held her in his arms, checking for a pulse. Before he has time to question Yuzuko though, he got his answer. "She's unconscious, in other words, not dead. I pricked her with the Rose dart. The first weapon you ever taught me. How does it feel? Having your own weapons used on your girlfriend?" At this Kurama narrowed his eyes and growled. "You need not worry for her. I would worry more about myself if I were you." Yuzuko said smugly. Kurama's eyes flashed with hate. "I am about to make you wish you had NEVER met me, Yuzuko," he said coldly. "Oh really?" Yuzuko retorted. "You aren't in much of a position to do something about it.

Kurama narrowed his eyes again. "You would be wise to guess again." He countered. Now that's our Kurama. (AN: Today he's wearing black pants, a black tee, and a leather jacket. (It was sixty degrees) Botan's wearing blue jeans, and a black spaghetti strap with a crimson over shirt. She also has a sweater in her backpack. Just in case you're wondering.) He lay Botan softly on the floor and took off his jacket. He placed it around Botan and got back up. "So are ya ready to fight?" Yuzuko asked, his face finally contorted with annoyance. "Yes, lets go." Kurama said slowly, each word spoken heavily. "Rose Whip!" He shouted and the air was filled with rose petals. "Ha! Like that little whip of yours is gonna work again?" Yuzuko retorted as he pulled out his ax. Over in the corner Botan woke up unnoticed by the two, who were fighting. She felt warm. She looked down and saw Kurama's jacket on her and her heart melted. Funny how small things make one so very happy, no? She picked it up and put it on. She looked at the fight. Kurama had been lashing the whip out and Yuzuko countered it with his ax.

On and on it went, exactly like this. No one will win unless one of them passes out from fatigue, and that could take a while. Hmm, I wonder... She then used her energy and summoned her oar. Hmm.... If he doesn't notice me, the I should be able to get a clear shot at knocking him out. Then we could actually do something about him. Kurama, out of the corner of his eye, looked at Botan. She's awake, good... She looks good in that jacket...No, have to stay focused. He continued lashing out, focusing his energy. Botan, are you ok? He asked telepathically. I'm fine, how are you doing? She replied. I'm fine for the time being. He answered. Kurama, I need you to distract him, I'm going to try to knock him out with my oar, ok? She asked. Ok, be careful. Kurama asked. He put an emphasis on the last two words. I will. Botan asked. Suddenly, Yuzuko threw his ax at Kurama. It was so unexpected that it hit him full on.

It hit him, then smashed him into the wall. A very unconscious Kurama slid down. Botan's mind gasped! Screw, that, her mind was angry. More angry then she had ever been ever! She charged at Yuzuko and brought the oar down over his head before he even noticed she was awake. She heard a crack, and he fell down to the floor. Botan stood there for a few seconds then rushed over to her backpack she had been carrying. She took out some rope and wrapped it around Yuzuko quite a few times, AFTER she had checked him making sure he had no weapons what so ever hiding in his clothes or anything. She then tied his feet and hands together as well. Then, after she had done that VERY quickly, rushed over to Kurama, very, very extremely worried. She looked at him. Thank God that the ax's blade hadn't hit him or else he'd be, well, yeah. She undid his shirt (AN: not for that reason you hentai) and looked over his chest. She winced. There was a very big and ugly bruise, but there was no internal bleeding or broken ribs. She took off his jacket, set it aside, and took off her over shirt and started tearing it into one long strip.

She then took it and started wrapping it around Kurama's chest and middle. She didn't want him getting more bruised. That would cause internal damage. He was unconscious, and had the wind knocked out of him. She could tell from his ragged breathing. She looked at his head. It seemed to be fine, there was a bit of a lump, but nothing other then that. His hands, though, were very bloodied up. She took out the first aid kit and poured antiseptic over his hands and cleaned them. She took off her shirt and replaced it with her sweatshirt. She tore her shirt in two and made two long strips out of them as well. She wrapped his hands in the strips. Stupid first aid kit! It doesn't come with any more ace- bandage or wrappings. Oh well, the shirt is replaceable, and you, my love, are not. She thought, smiling. When she was finished wrapping up his hands, she put his shirt and jacket back onto him. She then took some potion out of her first aid kit and walked over to Yuzuko. The potion made you very extremely dozy and made you fall asleep for 24 hours. It was meant for incase someone was suffering severe pain and had to get healed, but the healing hurt. Well, have good dreams. Botan thought as she trickled the entire bottle down Yuzuko's throat. She set Yuzuko a bit away from her and pulled Kurama towards her. She lay his head in her lap and leaned against the cave wall. She was to exhausted to do anything about them all. I'll just take a little nap and figure out what to do >yawn< when I wake up. She thought, and dozed off.

~About one hour later~ Kurama stirred. So comfortable...WAIT! Yuzuko! What happened? I remember getting slammed then thrown against a wall, then everything went black. He opened his eyes. He was looking up at the cave ceiling. "Hm?" He felt arms gently holding him and breath coming in and out of something. Or someone.... He thought. He looked up and saw Botan leaning against the cave wall sleeping. He looked to his right and saw a very tied-up, very unconscious, and very sleeping Yuzuko. His eyes widened as he fit in the pieces. Botan must have succeded in knocking him out with her oar, and she must have also given him a sleeping potion. He thought. (AN: He's good, he's really good.) He smiled. Botan was more valuable then all the treasure in the world. In both of his lives. He suddenly stopped smiling, feeling something different. He looked as his hands and his eyes widdened. Botan's shirt was made into bandages. That was her favorite shirt. Kurama thought. He suddenly lifted up his shirt and saw her crimson over shirt made into bandages. Botan-chan, He closed his eyes. He sat up, placed her in his lap, and held her in his arms. He felt her slightly stir. He looked into her eyes and saw their Pink color as she woke up. "Hello Kurama-chan," she said as he held her even tighter. She leaned her face into his chest untill she felt him gently cup her chin and turn her face to look into his. They got lost in each other's eyes for a while, untill Kurama started to close the space in between their lips. When he reached her lips, Botan parted her lips. He explored the sweetness of her mouth as she put her arms around his neck. He was already embracing her, so, yeah. ^_~ After a couple of minutes, Kurama pulled back. Kurama looked at Botan seriously. "Botan, I want you to know, you are more valuable then any thing else in this world, or any other to me, more precious then anything else as well, including life. If anything were to happen to you, I wouldn't be able to live. It would be like living without oxygen. That's how much I love you, and that's how essential you are to me." He said. Botan's eyes were wide with shock. "Oh Kurama!" She said and gave him an even tighter embrace. "You mean everything an so much more, if I were to say how much I love you, I would run out of time. My life isn't long enought to say how much you are to me. You are my eternity, my soul, and my purpose for living." She said. His eyes also widened at this. They kissed again. Botan smiled in the kiss and pulled back after a while. "By the way, what are we going to do about Yuzuko." She asked, still on Kurama's lap. "Well, it wouldn't be wise to leave him here, obviously. We could bring him back with us to the campsite. Then after that we could find him a job where he would be under constant surveillance." Botan thought for a minute. "Hmm.... well that would be a bit, tactical." "How about we just lock him up in the spirit world?