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Roses by the Beach

By Meiko

Chapter Three

"Your Kurama’s WHAT!!"

He didn't even notice at all. He just had hoped that she loved him. "Oh, I see. Well, um, interesting. I did not know it was that apparent but ok." He shrugged. Hiei spoke this time. "So when did you get together?" He asked smirking evilly. Kurama raised his eyebrows at him. "Last night, why?" "Because you sat together reading on the beach, you treated her wounds, you rode together in the same car, you put the tent up together, you were staring at her when she was in her bikini, need I say more?" He replied. Kurama felt himself, blushing. Which, he hadn't done in a long time. He noticed those things? Well, Hiei was always one to notice things. He smiled. Suddenly Botan and Keiko came back out from the tents. "Well, we've got our things and some money, so let's go!" Botan said smiling. "Ok, Keiko, you and Botan lead the way," Kurama said since they were the only ones who apparently knew where it was. Keiko and Botan started walking and the rest followed. Kurama walked up to Botan and put his arm around her waist. She put her arm around his back and continued walking with a smile.

After about forty-five minutes they finally reached the cliff. "So, let me get this straight, we're gonna walk up that thing?" Kuwabara asked. Botan raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh come on, don't you know how to climb? Where's your sense of adventure?" "What? Of course I know how to climb!" Kuwabara replied. With that he started zooming up the cliff. Kurama laughed, "I think we should follow as well then." And with that everyone started climbing. Botan, to everyone's surprise, climbed the fastest. She was soon past Kuwabara, who had a head start. She had soon managed to climb the fifty foot pile of rocks also known as a cliff in much less time then everyone else. She had sat at the top for about five whole minutes before everyone else had gotten even close. After her came Kurama. Everyone else was about fifteen feet down still. When he pulled himself over the top with a little help from Botan he smiled and kissed her. "Wow Botan, you climb fast! I never knew you were such a good climber." He said. Botan smiled at the compliment. "Well, as a little girl I used to absolutely adore climbing trees and rocks. I even climbed two mountains!" She replied. Kurama smiled. "You are so unique, beautiful, clever, smart, stunning, and perfect." He replied and kissed her again. Botan inwardly smiled at the shower of compliments. She knew he meant each one of them as well, she knew. Keiko finally climbed up but when she saw Botan and Kurama kissing, she as quietly as she could swung her foot over the rock again and started climbing back down again. Unfortunately for her both Botan and Kurama both sensed this and broke the kiss.

"What are you doing Keiko?" Botan asked, looking puzzled, but that was a poker face because she was really amused. She knew what she was doing. You just saw me kissing him, why are you so worried I would actually stop just because you see? Botan asked in her mind. Was she really going to climb back down and wait just so we have a romantic moment? Kurama thought, deeply amused. "Um, nothing, I just thought I dropped something. "So you were going to climb all the way back down, fifty feet to get it?" Kurama said amusingly. Botan looked over at him in mock surprise. Kurama sensed this and smiled. Don't worry Botan, I won't say anything that mean, I was joking. Botan's eyes widened while Keiko was still searching for an answer. You're a Telepath? He smiled. Uh huh. But I can't always make this connection. Don't tell anyone about it please. Botan smiled. Of course. Keiko finally replied, but before she could even get as much of a word out, Kurama stopped her. "I was only joking, forget it." He said looking highly amused. "We don't care if you saw us kissing." He also added. Keiko blushed.

"Um, ok." She said. Finally Hiei and Yusuke got to the top. "Where's Kuwabara?" Keiko asked. "He's still about twenty feet down. It takes him a whole minute for his brain to register that it'd be wise to move. I'll get him," Hiei replied. He jumped down, grabbed Kuwabara, and jumped back up. (AN: You may be wondering why he didn't just do that in the first place. He decided to play normal incase any humans were watching them. Also, there was a stairway up to the bazaar, but Keiko and Botan both love climbing, at least in this fiction! Heheh.) "Hey shorty! Why'd you do that?" Kuwabara angrily threw at Hiei. Hiei just rolled his eyes and said, "Because you're taking five minutes to move one foot." He replied coldly. "Hey!" was all Kuwabara managed to shoot back. Botan shook her head. "Well, Kuwabara, if you get embarrassed by him saying that then maybe you should stop acting like that." Yusuke replied.

"Egh!" Kuwabara looked highly embarrassed. maybe it's time I stepped in or he might die of embarrassment. Botan thought. "Well, Yusuke, I noticed you were one of he last ones yourself. Any comments on the fact that you were beaten by two girls? One being your girlfriend and the other the grim reaper. So, what's your opinion slow poke?" Botan retorted, amusedly. "Hey! Fine, lets get walking." Yusuke replied after glaring at Botan. Botan started walking after him. Kuwabara caught up with her and pulled her to the side. "Um, thanks Botan, you kinda got me out of that." He said. She smiled back. "No problem. C'mon or he'll get there before us." She started walking again. Botan was soon a foot or two behind Yusuke and Kuwabara was lagging behind with Keiko. She felt an arm slid around her waist and grasp her hand. Botan to the rescue. She looked up and saw Kurama smiling. Well, I'm not about to let anyone get embarrassed on this trip especially because we all planned to have fun and that just wouldn't be fair. Plus, he didn't deserve that. Botan said, telepathically. Kurama kissed her for a few seconds and pulled away. You're so kind. That's why I love you. Botan smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder. You know how much I love you? Kurama shook his head. No. How much? Botan smiled. "If you counted all the stars in the night sky and multiplied them by one-million, that still wouldn't be nearly enough." Kurama smiled and looked down at her. Same goes for you, only a lot more. Botan smiled up at him.

~about thirty minutes later~ "Ok! We're here!" Keiko exclaimed as hey reached the light house. Almost immediately everyone ran in a different direction, leaving Kurama and Botan standing still, both with one-eyebrow raised and sweatdropped. "I didn't know they were this excited." Botan said, trying not to laugh. "I agree." Was all Kurama managed to get out. "Well, lets go to the tower, I have heard it's quite beautiful up there from Keiko." Kurama replied. Botan started walking with him and got halfway until-she stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes wide and hair standing on the back of her neck. "What's wrong?" Kurama asked. Clearly very worried. Botan frowned. (AN: She frowned? Has the world yet again ended without my knowledge?) "I don't know but I sense someone watching me." She whispered to Kurama. She turned around and gasped. There, standing five feet away from her was Yuzuko.

Kurama growled (AN: ^_^ Hehe) and placed Botan in back of him. "Yuzuko, what the hell are you doing here?" Kurama asked. Botan's eyes were wide and three things; One, she had never heard Kurama's voice so cold. Two, He knew this "Yuzuko" guy, and three, Yuzuko was holding something that looked an extraordinary deal like the Idunn box that had made Kurama go back to Yoko. "Kurama, be careful, he's holding something that looks like the Idunn box." "It's ok, even if I do turn back to Yoko, I'll still love you and will NOT hurt you." Kurama replied. "Oh, I'm not worried about that." Botan said. "Just, be careful." And then, she remembered something. "How do you know this guy, Yuzuko, or whatever?" She asked. Yuzuko grinned. "I'm his old apprentice." He said slyly.