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Roses by the Beach

By Meiko

Chapter Two

"Its About Time You Got Together!"

Botan shivered. She hadn't seen the guy's actual features before, but she could tell it was him. He had long deep blue hair that fell over half his face; in other words covering up his right eye and was pulled back into a loose ponytail. He had silver eyes and his skin was almost deathly pale, yet he had a laid back expression on his face. He wore a dark red short- sleeved blouse and black pants. (AN: o_O He isn't well suited for the beach is he?)

Botan shuddered. He had his hands behind his head and was leaning back against the wall with one foot also against it. He was SMILING at her.

Botan moved back but tripped and fell on the poll of the tent, sending her crashing backwards, onto Kurama. Kurama in turn fell backwards onto his back, Botan on top of him. Yuzuko laughed and went back to his camp, he'd watch her another time.

Botan lay there for a second and then came to her senses.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry! Are you ok?" She said gingerly getting to her feet, feeling embarrassed.

Kurama smiled at her. "I'm fine Botan. It's okay."

She sighed."Good. I'm sorry, I'm so clumsy!" Botan said and laughed a little. Kurama laughed in reply.

Suddenly there was a grunt from underneath Kurama.

"Huh?" Kurama wondered out loud and got up. There was Hiei, on the ground, looking very pissed.

"Grrr.." Hiei started.

Botan and Kurama couldn't keep it in any long! "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH!" They both started laughing very hard! (AN: ^_^ poor Hiei.) They laughed and helped Hiei up.

"I'm sorry, Hiei!" Kurama said, laughing.

"Baka," Hiei grunted and walked off.

Botan shook her head. "Hey, want to have a campfire?" She asked Kurama.

"Sure, lets ask the others," Kurama replied.

~Four hours later. (it's like 10:00)

Botan sighed. Kurama would never love me...She thought to herself.

She looked into the fire.

"Ok, I'm going to bed. See you both in the morning!" Keiko said and smiled at Kurama and Botan. They were the only ones left, and that's how Keiko wanted it.

Botan smiled at her friend. "Well good night then Keiko, have good dreams!" She said as cheerfully as she could, trying to hide the sadness in her voice from her previous pondering. (AN: Sorry for the pun! Don't flame me ^-^()) But, to no avail. Both Kurama and Keiko noticed it, but Keiko decided to leave it to Kurama to get her happy again.

"Hmmm. Good night Botan." Keiko said and walked into their tent.

Botan sighed and looked back into the fire. Kurama looked over at her with worry in is eyes. Hmm.He thought.

"Are you well, Botan?" He asked.

Botan snapped out of her trance at hearing his voice. "OH, I'm fine Kurama-kun, don't worry about me!" Botan shook her head and smiled. Kurama asking that only made her doubt more that he loved her. (AN: Go figure how her train of thought works. *shrugs)

Kurama was shocked and a little surprised. Of course I worry about her, he thought. Is she sad because..

"Botan. What is wrong?" Kurama demanded, rather then asked.

Botan looked over at him. He looked immensely worried and upset. Botan blinked. "Huh? I'm fi--" but she had gotten cut off, by Kurama hugging her.

"Botan,you can tell me what's bothering you. You say not to worry about you, but, I'm always worried about you. I want you to be happy. I..." he hesitated, "I..I love you Botan. I love you with all of my heart. You are what makes the sun rise for me. You are the only happy thought for me when I'm down or sad. I Love you. Aisheteru." Kurama finished, still hugging her.

Botan was shocked. She blinked twice. He LOVES ME?! She thought to herself.

"I love you to Kurama. Much more then I can even begin to explain. You are always there for me, and, well... I love you as well, if not more." Botan said and smiled.

Kurama's eyes widened. She loves me? SHE LOVES ME? SHE LOVES ME!! He thought.

He backed away an inch, and turned her face towards his and smiled, with Botan smiling back. He leaned in slowly, and kissed her gently. Botan kissed back, and he deepened it, turning a light feathery kiss to a passionate one.

Botan backed away. "Aisheteru so much, Kurama," she said and smiled very brightly.

Kurama smiled and moved Botan onto his lap. "Aisheteru Botan, Aisheteru." He said. Botan snuggled into Kurama's chest and wrapped her arms around his chest. Kurama in turn placed one arm around Botan's back, and hugged her with the other. Soon she had fallen asleep. Kurama noticed and lifted her up in two arms and carried her into her tent, smiling.

He set her down ontop of her sleeping bag and smiled. She is so beautiful...he thought to himself. Once he had set her down Botan whimpered from the missing warmth. Kurama smiled and lay down next to her, and wrapped his arms around her. He would have to wake up early in the morning so Keiko doesn't get the wrong impression, but oh, well. Botan immediately snuggled back into him.

~4:00, AM~

Botan woke up, from a really good dream. (she still has her eyes closed). She smiled and snuggled back into her warm, rose-scented pillow which was currently holding her close. Botan jolted back awake, (still has her eyes closed.) WAIT! When are pillows so warm? She didn't have any rose-scented pillows! And since when do pillows hold you close? She thought to herself. She opened her eyes wearily and saw Kurama's sleeping form, holding her tightly. She smiled and reached over and got a blanket and covered them both up. She smiled to herself and fell back asleep.

~4:30, AM~

Kurama woke up and yawned. He sat up a bit and looked down as something fell off of him. A blanket? He thought to himself. I don't remember covering up...oh. Botan. He smiled and kissed Botan on the forehead. She's so perfect.Kurama thought to himself and covered her up.

He then walked over to his own tent and got dressed. Hiei wasn't in there, he wakes up at 3 to go train. Kurama got dressed and walked outside.

~5:00, AM~

Botan yawned. She stretched and yawned again. She finally opened her eyes. Mmm.. where's Kurama? Oh well, he must be awake. Botan got up and brushed her hair leaving it down, (O_O that's a first) so that it reached her waist and changed into black pants and a dark red spaghetti-strap. She stretched again and silently got her toothbrush and toothpaste and snuck out of the and went to brush her teeth.

When she came back she silently entered the tent and put her stuff away. She got out and walked in-between the two tents where Kurama was, putting together breakfast croissants.

He looked over and smiled. "Good morning, Botan. Did you sleep well?" He asked with a smile.

Botan walked over, sat next to him, and started making hot chocolate for everyone. "Very well, and my new pillow was very comfortable." She replied, smiling.

Kurama looked a bit confused. "New pillow?" He asked. Botan nodded.

"My new pillow; it's able to hug me, kiss me, and hold me. I must say I'm very attached to it." She replied grinning broadly.

He smiled even more broadly, if that was possible, and replied, "I love my new pillow. It's very warm and it's named Botan." She smiled and winked.

Kurama smiled again as he noticed her hair. "You are very beautiful, especially this morning. I see you left your hair down," he said to her, still smiling.

Botan, still smiling nodded. "I thought a change in my hair might be nice for today, and thank you. You look very handsome and happy this morning."

Kurama smiled. "Thanks, and that's because I finally know for sure that my love, loves me," He whispered.

Botan looked at him, "I've loved you for a very long time now," She whispered back.

Kurama smiled and kissed her briefly before adding,"And, I, you."

Botan smiled and started adding marshmallows to the hot chocolate. Mmm... I'm so happy. Kurama loves me, and I love him. The world is now officially-, but was interrupted from her thought by that weird feeling again. She looked towards the beach wall and saw Yuzuko watching her again. (AN: BTW, if you're having trouble imagining Yuzuko, imagine Legato [from Trigun] with a ponytail).

She blinked and moved closer to Kurama and stared straight back at Yuzuko. Now's not the time for me to have a Stalker....Botan thought in her head. Kurama, noticed four things and looked at her. One, she stopped stirring; Two, she was oddly silent; Three, she moved closer to him (which he didn't mind), and four, she was staring at something near the beach wall. She was also clenching his hand tightly. He looked at what she was staring at.

His eyes widened It's Yuzuko. Stalking...Botan? He decided to cover it up that he knew Yuzuko, or at least for a while. That's right Kurama. You know who I am. Yuzuko thought to himself and chuckled. But even if you love her, I'm gonna get her in the end, not you, so you better be careful. He also thought. Kurama looked over at Botan again. "Are you ok Botan, what's wrong?" He asked putting an arm around her slim waist. Botan looked at Kurama. "Um, I think the guy followed me to the beach and I think this guy may be stalking me. She said, a bit timidly.

"Hmm..." Kurama's eyes narrowed as he glared at Yuzuko. You don't want to get on my bad side, Yuzuko. What the hell are you doing here? Kurama telepathically said to Yuzuko. Now that's the Kurama I'm used to seeing. It's been a while, hasn't it? twenty years, I'm guessing. And what does it look like I'm doing? I'm stalking your soon-to-be-mine girlfriend. Yuzuko replied, smirking. I'm warning you Yuzuko. Don't you dare even come within 20 feet of her. If you TOUCH a single hair on her head, you'll find me just as cold and violent as I was before that incident 17 years ago happened. "Kurama?" Botan said, waving a hand in front of his face. "Huh? Oh, Opps, sorry Botan. I got spaced out thinking of you and me on a cruise together. Hey, that sounds fun, want to go on one together sometime?" He asked. Even though he did just make it up, it did sound like a good idea to him. Botan grinned and looked up at him. For the moment she totally forgot she was being stalked and giggled. "Ok, maybe during the summer." She replied, and kissed him before she continued adding whipped cream to the hot chocolates. Kurama had just about finished with the croissants but took advantage of this time to "talk" to Yuzuko. Aw, isn't that cute. You two will go on a cruise together. He paused for effect. I don't think so. I find it hard to believe that's you, Yoko. The humans have made you soft. Kurama raised an eyebrow. I am Suichi Minamono and Yoko Kurama. Two, in one. I am both those people, and you think I have gone soft? You are very much mistaken. Yoko lies right beneath my skin, ready to kill if need be. Now leave, and stay away from Botan. He's stalking Botan. I'm going to have to be really careful.

He turned back to his work and finished the croissants. Botan finished the hot chocolate, (finally adding to her 'masterpieces' chocolate sprinkles). Just a second later, everyone started coming out of the tents. Botan handed out the hot chocolate and Kurama handed out the croissants. Once everyone had one of each, they started eating in silence. Botan took a bit out of the croissant. Her eyes widened and she swallowed. Kurama took a sip of Hot chocolate and his eyes widened as well. "Botan, this is good!" He said. At the same time though, Botan had said "Kurama, these are good!" They laughed and Kurama put his left arm protectively around Botan's shoulders. Everyone noticed this, but Botan and Kurama didn't care if they did. Yusuke was about to make a remark when Keiko whacked him on the back of the head. "Ow!" Yusuke said. "Don't, or your getting it." Keiko said with an eyebrow raised. Yusuke just rolled his eyes. "Whatever."

When they all finished eating they were sitting around the table once again. "What are we doing today?" Kuwabara asked them all. "Well, whatever we're doing, we have all Saturday to do it." Hiei replied. "Hmm....we could take a walk, There's a really pretty cliff up ahead. It would take about half an hour to and hour to get to it then we can climb it and see the lighthouse and bazaar that's on the top of it," Keiko said smiling. Hiei smiled. (AN: O_O) "Well it looks like you have the day planed out for us," Hiei said, still smliing. (AN: Well, it's a bit much to say that he's smiling. Just a slight upturn of the lips makes more sense.) "So it is a plan?" Everyone nodded in agreement. "Wait, you said there's a bazaar on top of the cliff, didn't you Keiko?" Yusuke added, looking horrorstruck. "Yep." She replied. "That means, shopping." Yusuke also added. "Yep." Keiko said, looking very pleased with herself. "Then we aren't going to the bazaar. We're just going to climb the stupid cliff, see the lighthouse, and come back." Yusuke said, being stubborn. "Oh no you don't, we're going shopping." Botan said, arms folded against her chest and eyebrow raised. "NO we aren't!" Yusuke replied. "Oh come on Yurimeshie, it's just a bit of shopping." Kuwabara even said. . Botan raised her eyebrows and smiled. Someone was acting kindly. Keiko smiled. "See, even Kuwabara agrees. And plus, we can find you some new clothes and stuff." Yusuke grimaced. "Ok, now I want to go even less. Kurama spoke up, "Come on Yusuke, even I'll get a few shirts, or, something." he broke off and shrugged. Botan looked over and caught his eyes. She smiled and spoke. "Come one Yusuke, it'll be fun, you'll see!" Yusuke looked annoyed. "I'll help you train for a few extra hours Yusuke, and I'll teach you a few of my tricks." Kurama said smiling. Yusuke paused for a second. "Fine. Let's go." He said looking defeated. "YAY!" Keiko exclaimed and went into her tent and started packing. Botan kissed Kurama on the cheek before whispering "Thank-you" and running off into the tent to pack her own backpack. Kurama smiled after her and then suddenly looked around. Yusuke, Kuwabara and even Hiei were all smiling evilly and snickering. Kurama rolled his eyes. "Come on you three, grow up." Yusuke, smiling still, though less evilly, spoke. "So you both have finally noticed you both like each other?" He choose the words a bit carefully. Kurama's eyebrows knitted and he frowned. "What do you mean? How long have you known that I love her? How long have you known she's loves me?" Yusuke's eyebrows rose. "It's been obvious since the beginning of the Dark Tournament. The way you both act towards each other and avoided talking a few times and stuff." Kurama's eyebrows once again rose. He didn't even notice at all.