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Roses by the Beach

By Meiko

Chapter One

"Letís Take a Trip, Shall we?"

"YUSUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Keiko slapped Yusuke full on the face from another perverted remark. "Ow! Hey! I was joking! Jeez!" Yusuke rubbed his face tenderly. Botan, Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara all sweatdropped. Botan shock her head, "Bad move Yusuke," she muttered to herself. Botan was wearing a black miniskirt that went about half an inch before her knees and a light pink, V-neck, short sleeved shirt. Hiei was wearing his usual all black, although this time short sleeved, not sleeveless. Yusuke wore black pants, and a dark green tank. Kuwabara had on jeans and a white tank; Keiko a pretty silver spaghetti-strap and an almost identical skirt to Botan's; Kurama wore black jeans and a white Tee. Kurama, who was sitting close to Botan, heard her. He smiled, "Yusuke can't ever last three minutes without, pulling something, can he?" Botan smiled and laughed, "More like one minute, around Keiko that is."

"Are we going to go or not?" Hiei asked for the fifth time, but in a flat tone. The six of them were planning to go to the beach, as to celebrate the victory of winning the dark tournament. "In a minute, I just need to go make sure all the windows are closed, I don't want Mom forgetting to close them and having the house burnt down again." He got up and went to lock and close all the windows in their new house.

"Ok, are you all ready to go? Yusuke said after closing the windows and locking them. "Yes, and we have been so lets go!" Kuwabara answered a bit irritated. "Wait! We don't know who's going in who's car!" Botan pointed out. "Hmm....well, we have my car, and Yusuke's car, and there's six of us. My car only has two seats in it so I and one other can fit into mine, while the rest can fit into Yusuke's five-seated car." Kurama thoughtfully replied before adding, "Botan you can come in my car, Yusuke, you can have Keiko, Hiei and Kuwabara go with you.""Ok, that sounds fine with me. It'll be a nice break from Botan nagging me about my driving all the time," Yusuke replied. Botan looked a bit irritated.

They all went outside to the cars where all the luggage and Surfboards were. (AN: Ok, I thought it would be cool to have Yusuke and Kuwabara surf! ) Yusuke placed the surfboards on the top of the car then started putting the luggage into the car. Kurama did the same only no surfboards. Botan was standing near the street, when she suddenly got a weird feeling like someone was watching her. She shivered and looked around. She saw in the shadows of a house nearby a man watching her.

She frowned and moved to Kurama's side and started trying to help him load the luggage into the car. But, was almost immediately stopped with a gentle hand on her arm. She looked up to see Kurama smiling at her. "I can do it. You shouldn't put anymore strain on your shoulder anyway." Botan had recently sprained her shoulder from dodging a fireball that an angry demon had thrown at her on their way back from the Dark Tournament. She gave him a cheerful smile and replied, "It's ok, It's healed by now! And plus, I have to help with some of these because-OW!" She winced and held her shoulder gingerly. Her shoulder just throbbed VERY painfully and she dropped the bag she was about to put into the trunk.

"Botan! Are you ok?" Kurama's eyes looked very concerned and he was holding her hand in both of his. "Ow, yeah, I'll be o-OW!" It throbbed again. "Here, let me take you inside. I'll give you a drink that will make the throbbing stop and bandage up your shoulder." He said with a reassuring smile. Botan smiled, "Ok, if you insist." In reality though she was more then happy to have Kurama treat her wounds for her. "I more then insist. I don't like to see you in pain." Kurama said with a smile. Botan blushed and let him lead her into the house. "Hey! I thought we were leaving!" Yusuke had seen them stop packing and enter his house. "Botan's hurt, it'll only take a minute." Kurama replied with one eyebrow raised.

Yusuke looked annoyed but let them go nevertheless, for Keiko shot him a look of death if he were to object. "Stupidbotanstupidgirlsalwaysmuttercryingwhentheybreakanail" he mumbled to himself. Unfortunately for him, Keiko heard and elbowed him in the arm. "OW! Hey! What the hell was that for?" Yusuke inquired. "For being a jerk, what else? Botan's hurt and it's not a broken nail!" Yusuke just rolled his eyes and started loading again. They were staying at the beach for the whole weekend.

"Ok, let me go make the remedy, you just relax." Kurama said after sitting Botan down. He's so sweet, he cares for others, even more then he cares for himself. (AN: Points out the Dark Tournament and Kurama's dreadful fight with Touya.) After a couple of minutes he returned with a smile holding a cup with some purple colored liquid and a first aid kit. Botan returned the smile a moved over so he could sit next to her. He did and handed her the potion. "You'll need to drink all of that, so it can work." He said still smiling. She drank it all and smiled. "Thank you!" She said with a cheery grin. "Your more then welcome, now let me see your arm." He replied.

He took her arm in his hands and tenderly rolled up her short sleeve and gasped. Her shoulder had angry bruises covering it almost completely and they were starting to look a bit more yellow then just purple. His eyes were full of concern and worry as he took some Ace-bandage out and very slowly and tenderly wrapped it around her shoulder. When he was finished he pulled down her sleeve again, put his arm around her back, and helped her up. "Thank you again Kurama, that was very kind of you. "She said smiling. "Your welcome, and be careful not to carry anything really heavy or put any strain on your shoulder. I'll be making you more potion later because it wears off after eight hours." He said with a smile. She smiled and walked out to the car with Kurama.

When they got outside she shivered. She got that weird feeling again and looked around. In the shadows of the house where he last was stood the man that was watching her last time, still watching her. She couldn't see him clearly but she knew he was watching her. She frowned and stared at him. Kurama noticed these things and got concerned. "Are you all right Botan?" She turned towards him and smiled. "Yes, I'm fine, but I think that guy in the shadows of that house over there is watching me."

She said and indicated toward the house. Kurama frowned and looked in the direction. He saw the guy quickly get up and walk away. "Hmmm... It's ok. He's gone now anyway. Come on, lets go, the beach is perfect at this hour." He said and smiled. Hiei and Kuwabara came from around the house. "Ok Yusuke, we checked the windows twice and the doors. I think your house is safe. From anything." Hiei said with almost a grin. "Ok then, lets go." He opened the door for Keiko (AN: He may be a little hentai but he's still a gentleman) then went around and went in the driver's seat. Hiei and Kuwabara got in the back.

Kurama went and opened the door for Botan then went around and got into the driver's seat as well, and started driving. Kurama looks pretty deep in thought; I wonder if he's ok...Botan thought. After five minutes he was starting to really freak her out. She laid a hand gently on his shoulder. Kurama looked around and smiled. "I'm all right Botan, just thinking." She still looked concerned. "I'm fine, really." Suddenly a thought struck him. "Do you want to listen to some music?" He asked with a grin. Botan smiled and nodded with a "Sure!" He smiled back and reached down for something. He picked up a black, round CD case that had a rose on the cover. "Pick a CD out, I'm afraid my car doesn't pick up the radio, the antenna broke a while ago," He said and laughed.

Botan smiled and looked at the CD's, and received a surprise. Most of them were Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands. Kurama, sensing her surprise laughed. "Everyone assumes I would like listening to something like Classical or Smooth music rather then Hard Rock and Heavy Metal." Botan laughed and nodded, "What surprised me wasn't that you like it, what surprised me is that you like the exact same music as I do!" Kurama raised his eyebrows and looked at her. "Are you serious?" He inquired. Botan smiled and nodded. "Who is your favorite band?" He asked. " I like Metallica. What's yours?" She replied. Kurama was shocked. "That's my favorite as well." He replied with a smile. "What's your second favorite?" Botan asked. "That's Thrice." "Me too." Botan replied. Kurama looked ahead as he continued driving with a smile on his face. He just loved her a little bit more now.

When they finally arrived at the beach Kurama got out and went around to open the door for Botan. Yusuke, Hiei, and Kuwabara were already unloading the luggage from Yusuke's car. Yusuke wouldn't let Keiko help carry anything, mush to her demise. Kurama went to the back and started unloading the bags. Botan went around in order to start helping him unloading them but he immediately stopped her and laughed. "You're not supposed to do anything to strain your shoulder, remember?" he said rather then asked, smiling. "Oh, I forgot. Thank you Kurama!" She said. He smiled and replied, "Your more then welcome, I don't want you to get hurt even more." He said, making Botan blush.

He closed the trunk still smiling, also noticing that she blushed. All of the stuff lay on the ground. "I've got to at least carry something with my unhurt arm!" Botan said a bit exasperated with herself for not realizing this before. Kurama raised an appraising eyebrow. "Are you sure?" He asked as if daring her to say yes. "I'm sure," Botan replied with a smile and picked up a few bags with her right arm. Kurama shock his head and picked up some stuff. "Ok, lets go find the spot," Yusuke said, coming around to meet them.

He had eventually let Keiko carry some things, but not a lot. Just a bag containing a tent. Hiei was carrying the other tent, some luggage, and two sleeping bags; Kuwabara was carrying a surfboard and a large box containing food; Yusuke was carrying some more luggage, the other surfboard, and two more sleeping bags. Kurama carried the last two sleeping bags, some more luggage, and another large box full of food. Botan carried the last of the luggage which was three medium bags and a beach umbrella.

They all started walking around the beach for ten minutes until Kuwabara found a spot and Keiko approved of it. Everyone else just went along although Yusuke had been hoping for a spot closer to the ocean. "Yeah? And what happens when high tide comes in?" Keiko had asked him with a grin. They all put down the stuff and started setting up the two tents. One was a bit bigger then the other; that one the boys would sleep in. Botan, Kurama, and Hiei were all setting up the girls tent. Well, Botan tried but she, (AN: like me) hadn't done a lot of camping in her life. Kurama, had with his Mom a few times, and Hiei can do almost anything, so he was able to set it up easily.

Botan tried to insert a poll into another for the third time. "Oh, I'm hopeless!" She said after she failed again. She went over and tried inserting the polls through the little hoops of fabric that would keep the tent up and saw movement in the corner of her eye. Her eyebrows knitted and she looked to the side. She saw, by the beach wall, (which was a bit of a distance away) the man who had been watching her earlier. Looks like she finally noticed me here. Yuzuko thought to himself. (AN: Yes the evil dude has a name.)