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//Smile Bomb!~~~Always bring a smile!~~~//
Smile Bomb! Always bring a smile!

Past Updates

July 30

we finally have a songfic ^^ Its really sweet so check it out. The wallpaper section is up and Yusuke and Keiko's song in duets of the lyrics section.

July 29

Hiei's song page is up along with his song, Turn your back on the twilight.

July 28

A new fanfic added in romance and links is working. A new fan art has been added! It's so pretty!

July 19

Yusuke's lyrics have been added with his song All right!and Dead or Alive. Fan Art page is up with a few master pieces.

July 13

Shizuru and Yukina bios up

July 10

Poll and japanese lyrics to smile bomb up

July 9

Koenma's bio

July 6

Creator bio is up

July 4

Nightmare added to Kurama lyrics and japanese Unbalanced Kisses added to Opening/Ending lyrics July 2 2004

Yusuke's and Puu's bios are up. July 1 2004

Got the Guest book up ^^. New lyrics have been added to the lyric section

June 18 2004

Romance fanfiction section is up. Fanfic Roses by the Beach is up and finished.

June 17 2004 Botans bio up

June 13 2004 Poems up into fanfiction section

June 12 2004 Fanfics Horror section up

June 7 2004 Fanfiction page is up. The comedy section in fanfiction is up.

May 31 2004 News is up and Kuwabara's bio.

May 29 2004 Hiei's bio has been added

May 15 2004 There are a few pages that are currently working we are trying to get them all to work. Please be patient. The lyrics page works, but you can only currently view Kurama's songs. Kurama's and Keiko's Bios are up too. And of course the forum. please join soon. Will update soon. Promise!

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