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Volume 1: Goodbye, Material World!

Volume one's cover.

Chapter 1: Goodbye, Material World!

Yusuke Urameshi, your typical delinquent, gets hit by a car and dies while saving a little kid. Because of his unexpected good deed the ‘grim reaper’ Botan comes to ask the now ghost to take an ordeal to come back to life. Yusuke first turns down the offer thinking everyone we’ll be happier with him dead. But after seeing his mom, childhood friend, Keiko, and his rival, Kuwabara sad, he decides to give it a shot.

Chapter 2: Test for Resurrection

After traveling to Spirit World with Botan, Koenma, prince of the Spirit World, gives Yusuke his test: To come back to life he must hatch a Spirit Beast egg. The egg will either be good or evil. If its evil it will eat him, body and soul, when he returns to his body. Now that Yusuke’s heart is beating again, Yusuke enters Keiko’s dreams and tells her to stop the funeral! Keiko rushes to his mother and together they rejoice that Yusuke is alive.

Chapter 3: Time for Departure!!

Yusuke only has one day left that he can communicate with the living and Keiko is having doubts of his resurrection. Its time to take drastic measures. She may not believe another dream, so this time he’s taking another approach. Yusuke possesses Kuwabara’s body, but he only has 30 minutes. After wasting most of his time fighting Kuwabara’s fights he finally finds Keiko and relays his message: “I will come back.” “So wait for me.”

Chapter 4: The Old Dog and the Boy

As Botan and Yusuke soar through the air they hear a little boy named, Shota, crying about the death of his dog, Jiro. Not wanting to leave his master because he knows he has had it rough, the dog’s soul continues to circle the house. Shota continues to weep over his dog and is even thinking of suicide. So Yusuke decides to push Shota into being strong so his worried dog can leave this world. In Shota’s dreams Yusuke pretends to be the king of Hell and tells Shota he’s taking Jiro to hell and its all because of his crying that the dog lost his chance at heaven. Feeling guilty the boy says he won’t cry anymore, he’ll be strong! Hearing that Jiro is content and leaves this world with Botan.

Chapter 5: Her First Christmas

Its Christmas time and as Botan and Yusuke wonder the skies they find a fixated ghost, a soul that can’t descend to heaven because they have feelings keeping them to one spot. This particular ghost was suppose to meet a man named Kenji exactly one year ago, but she fell ill and died and so, never did. They decide to wait with her to see if he’ll, though it is unlikely, show. He in fact does but its to meet another girl. He tells this girl about another girl, who happens to be the ghost girl. He makes fun of how she’d wait hours for him to show and says that she was nothing special at all to him. Seeing her sad Yusuke decides to cheer her up by taking her out to have some fun. After their little date she is finally ready to rest in peace and Botan guides her to Heaven’s gates. Once she is gone Yusuke decides to pay Kenji a visit and scares the boy half to death.

Chapter 6: The Lonely Journey

Botan and Yusuke come to take a dying old man to heaven. This old man lost his family 6 years ago and has become cold and heartless because of it. As they wait for him to die, they find a tanuki, who has come to thank the old man for saving him when he was younger. The tanuki pretends to be the old man’s late grandson at night and over the man’s last few days he begins to soften. On his last night he asks ‘his grandson’ To stay with him until morning. When morning comes the tanuki can’t hold his form anymore and is revealed to the old man to be a tanuki, but the old man already knew. He’s glad that the tanuki is alright and is glad that he’ll be seeing his grandson soon. In his last moments he hugs the crying tanuki and his soul descends to heaven.

Chapter 7: The Promise!

Kuwabara and his friends got into fight with some kids from another school. Because of this the evil teacher Mr. Akashi threatens to take away Okubo’s (One of Kuwabara’s friends) after school job, the only source of income for his family. But he says if none of them get into a fight for an entire week and if they each get at least 50% or higher on the science test, he’ll dismiss it. But he figures its unlikely. Kuwabara is constantly ambushed by other kids throughout the week but never once strikes back. In the mean time he studies night and day to past the science test since he didn’t do to hot on the last test. Yusuke even helps. He gives some thugs the creeps when they try to attack Kuwabara and helps Kuwabara study by entering his dreams. On the day of the test Kuwabara scores 53% but Mr. Akashi corrupts it! Right when Kuwabara is about to attack the teacher jerk Yusuke’s feeling’s of concern reach him and he stops his punch. After that the test scores are set right and Okubo gets to keep his job. Feeling his presence Kuwabara thanks Yusuke.

Chapter 8: The Temporary Resurrection (Part 1)

Yusuke gets to return to his body for one day in order for his soul to recharge his body. But he is not allowed to talk to Keiko or his mom or he won’t be allowed to fully resurrect. Instead of lying low, like Botan tells him to, Yusuke decides to go out and have a good time. Meanwhile Keiko and her friends run into some thugs that even Kuwabara’s gang (his gang. He’s not there) can take care of. Seeing that the leader of the gang, Daisuke, is really hurting one of Kuwabara’s friends, Keiko hits him across the head. Causing big trouble for Keiko and Yusuke is nowhere in sight.

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