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The Nightmare that will not be Forgotten and a Father Found

By KitsuneMiko

Chapter One




*Kagome as a small child*

Black surrounded her, a faint voice called, “Kagome." It was a small boys voice.

“Who are you? Where are you?” Kagome called out then she saw the boy. He was not an ordinary boy he had white hair and dog ears and golden eyes.

He looked at Kagome and called her name, then some other girl appeared she looked like Kagome only had a red and white kimono on. The boy said, “Kikyo.” The girl shot the little boy with an arrow.

“NO!”screamed kagome as she ran up to the little boy. “Please don’t die!” Kagome cried.” “Remember...”the little boy said. Then he went limp. Kagome started to cry. She felt the little boy was her only friend.

Kikyo just laughed and aimed the bow and arrow at her. “If u feel that way towards him you shall join him, hahhahahahha.” Kagome started to sob as Kikyo let the arrow go. Then everything went black. Kagome woke up and was crying she ran to her mom and told her what she had just dreamed.

10 years later

“Kagome.. Honey wake up. Your going to be late to your school!” Kagome's mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Kagome still didn’t get up she just rolled over and pulled her covers over her head untill she relized the time. She jumped out of bed. “OH KAMI IM GOING TO BE LATE!” She could be heard from downstairs running around. She quickly took a shower and got dressed in her old green uniform. She then looked at the clock and read the time."Six 'o clock, hey wait MY SCHOOL DOESN'T START UNTILL 8:00… MOM!” She stomped down stairs into the kitchen were her mom was. “MOM you woke me up two hours early. It only takes five minutes walking slowly to get to my school”.

"oh yeah, I forgot to tell you honey you were transferred into another school,” Kagome's mom said. “Its about a twenty minute walk from here and it starts at 6:30 and its 6:10 right now.”

“WHAT, oh kami im really going to be late!”Kagome cried. She quickly grabs her breif case and ran outside. She started running down the shrine's steps untill she triped and started falling down the stairs. She hit the ground with a thud and cut her knee pretty bad. But she didn’t notice and got up and kept running toward her new school.


Kurama was walking to his school, dreading all the fan clubs that awaited his arrival. He sighed just at the thought. His gaze wondered across the street to a shrine. He saw a frantic girl running down the steps. He also saw her fall. He was about to go over and help her but she got up and kept running. He thought, *I hope that girl is alright. She seemed frantic about something.* He quickly brushed off that thought and kept walking to his school.


She kept running towards her new school. She got there just in time. She looked around and saw all the girls in red uniforms kinda like hers and all the boys in pink uniforms. She thought, *well that’s weird pink uniforms how can any of the boys stand wearing pink*.

She looked down at her self to see a cut healing rapidly on her knee and it soon disappeared. *Well that was weird, but every things weird when you are a time traveling miko.*

She soon walked into the office were she would get her scheduel. She saw a lady that was sitting at the front desk. The lady said, “Hello may I ask who you are?”

“Yeah, I'm a new transfer student. My name is Kagome Hingerashi," Kagome answered.

“Ahh, yes Kagome. Nice to meet you. Here's your scheduel," said the lady. "I'll get one of the students to show you around.” She smiled at Kagome.

“Thank you,” Kagome replied as she took the papers. She waited for the student outside of the office. She soon heard, “Kurama Minamino, please report to the head office.”


“Kurama Minamino, please report to the head office.” He sighed and got up out of seat and walked annoying the questioning glances he was getting. He walked to the office and walked pass a raven black haired girl with beautiful blue eye with specks of green in them. *Hmm that was the girl from this morning.. nevermind, might as well see what they want.*

Kagome sat outside of the office and saw a handsome redheaded boy with the most dazzling emerald eyes she had ever saw. She thought, *I wonder who that boy was. I'm guessing he's the heart throb of the school.*

Kurama walked into office and went to the front desk. “You asked for me to come here Miss Sayiko.”

“Yes, Kurama I did. There's this new student I want you to show around, ok.”

“It will be my please Miss Sayiko.”

“Thank you Kurama.”

Kurama walked outside to see the raven haired girl again. *This must be the new student. It dosn't seem like she's like the other girls. I'm sensing a weird vibe from her. *

* We're not sensing anything from her, not even her life energy,* Yoko's voice interrupted his thoughts.

*True we're going to have to find out somethings from this girl. Shes a real mystery...*

*Yeah, a hot one too.*

Kurama quickly pushed Yoko to the back of his mind and duct taped his mouth shut. He walked up to the girl who seemed to be in deep thought. “Excuse me Miss?” Kagome looked up at him. “Hi, my name is Kurama. You must be the new student. Come, I'll show you around.”

“ Hi, my name's Kagome. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you to, kagome. Can I see your schedule ? So I'll know what classes you will be in.”

“Sure.” She gives him her schedule. He looks over it and a shocked expression comes over his face for a second. *Wow! She's pretty smart to be in all these classe's top ranks. Hmm... Hey, wait! She has the same extract schedule as me. Well, this will be easy to show her around.*

“Hmm, it seems that your in all my classes, so it should be easy to show you around.” she nods and follows him to the homeroom.

She drifts back into deep thought, *Hmm I sense that he's a human but has a kitsune's outline aroung him. That’s strange. HEY, wait did he say I have all the same classes as him!* she was deep in thought untill she heard some one calling her name, “Miss Kagome, are you alright I've been trying to get your attention for the past few minutes.”

“Oh, sorry Kurama, and you don’t need to put Miss infront of my name. Kagome is just fine, thank you.”

“Ok, Kagome, well our first class is literature.” The girl groans at the thought, but follows him to the class.

“You wait here, Kagome, ok. The teacher will tell you when to come in.” Kagome nods and Kurama walks into the classroom where you can hear a bunch of girls screaming. You can see him walk to the teacher and tell him something. “QUIET!” the teacher screamed and the class immediately shuts up. “Ok, students we have a new student today.” The teacher smiled and Kurama went back out.

“Kagome you can come in now.”

She and Kurama walked back in and the boys wistled and whispered things like, "Jeez she's hot!" " Wow! Look nice legs!" "Wonder if she will be my girlfriend?" Kagome just glared at the boys.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself to the class,” the teacher said.

“Hi, I'm Kagome Hingirashi. I'm a new student and I suggest you don’t tick me off.” She smiles and every one has a shocked face because of what she said.

*Hmm, Kagome is more then she seems, I guess...* Kurama thought.

“Umm... ok well have a seat Kagome and Kurama.”

Kagome and Kurama walk to the back of the class and Kurama pulls out Kagome's chair for her. “Thank you, Kurama.” She sits down and Kurama sits down next to her as she and him were getting glares from the whole class.

"OK, class we're going to be writing poetry today,ok. Please begin,” the teacher told them.

Kagome pov

I took out my paper and pen and started. I couldn't really concentrate on what I was writing. My mind just kept wandering back to a sertant silver haired hanyou. I thought about what was happening and I didn’t see what I was writing. The words came into my head and went out on paper. I looked down and sow what I wrote. It showed all my fellings.

Kagomes poem

My heart aches

Like a thosand needles

My soal torn between two

You do see me as another

Never ending my pain

Killing me softly

Promising another

Looking into her eyes

Makes my heart break

I wish not to feel

Yet, I only feel pain

I have no joy

I have no hope

My love torn away


Kuramas Pov

I looked over to see Kagome in a daze but amazingly still writing. I soon got to work and started writing my poem. I started writing:

Kuramas poem

Something that smells so sweet

Causes so much pain

Look can be deceiving

Even though your achieving

It can make you laugh

It can make you cry

It will tear you up inside

You learn not to again

But end up falling again

End of kurama’s poem

Just as I ended my poem the teacher spoke up “Ok, class now pass your papers to the person next to you.” I handed my paper to Kagome who handed me hers. I read her poem and was surprised she could write something so sad, she seem so cheerfull. I could tell she had seen a lot and been through a lot of pain through that poem and she meant every word of it.

Kagome pov

His poem seem to have the same meaning as mine, interesting. Hmm, well never mind that. Oh, better stop talking to myself. I hear the school bell. Oh I remember what is next, it's lunch. YAY! I gathered my things and skiped out of the class room singing, “Lunch time, lunch time, wonderful, wonderful lunch time, what a great time, lunch time, lunch time!”

Kuramas pov

I looked up to see Kagome skipping out of the class room, singing a song. I sweatdroped with every one else in the class, as we saw her leave. But after a few minutes I could see her head pop back into the class room.

“Umm, Kurama can you show me were the cafateria is?”

“Sure Kagome.” I gather all my stuff and walked out of the class room. She followed next to me singing that song again. “Kagome are you like this all the time when it comes to lunch?”

“Only when I have oden wonderfull, wonderfull oden!” I sweatdroped for the second time that day. I better not make a habit of this.

A new voice inturrupted my thoughts, “Which is about every day Kagome.”

Kagome pov

I turn around at the voice and gasped “SANGO! How did you get here? More important, why are you here?”

“Tell you after school. Kagome, whoes your friend?”

“ Oh, this is Kurama. Hes showing me were the lunch room is.” I smiled and went off into dream land about eating my oden.

Sangos pov

She likes oden way too much, but oh, well. I turned to the red head that’s now identified as Kurama. “Hello Kurama, I'm Kagome's friend. My name's Sango. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. Is Kagome always like this or just during lunch time?”

“Anytime oden is mentioned.”

“ Umm, ok. You want to join us for lunch?”

“Sure.” Me and Kagome followed Kurama to the lunch room .Sense I didn’t have a lunch Kagome shared her oden which was a big surprise.

Kagomes pov

I gave Sango some of my oden before we got to the lunch room. As soon as we entered the lunch room a whole bunch of screaming girls ran up to Kurama, his face was hilarous. Those green eyes of his were so wide, I thought I would burst out laughing. Well I probably got to go save him before they kill him. “Sorry girls, Kuramas taken.” they all glared at me.

“By who? You?” one girl sneered.

Kurama pove

I give Kagome a thankfull glance and caught up on what she was doing. “ Yes, girls I'm sorry, but I do have a girlfriend.” I put an arm around Kagome to make it look convincing. The other girls walked away in a huff besides the one who made the comment. “She probably forced you to do that Kurama. I'll save you from her. I just have to think of a plan.” She walks off.

“Thank you Kagome. I owe you one. now”.

Kagome pov

“No prob, Kurama. Are girls here at this school all that stupid?”

“I think they are Kagome,” Sango added

“No, just some of them,” kurama answered.

“oh I was begining to think they were all that stupid.” Sango just laughed.