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By Yaminogame

Chapter One

"The Warning"

A boy named Shuichi Minamino strolled down the street, heading for school. He had his brown school bag swung over his shoulder. His beautiful emerald green eyes gleamed in the sunlight. His long rose red hair swayed slightly to the left and to the right as he walked.

The boy was now 17 years old and was going to High School. He was a very handsome man; through he wasn’t really a man. He was really the Legendary Bandit Yoko Kurama, a fox demon.

A strong pursuer had injured Kurama 17 years ago. He had fled to earth, taking refuge in an unborn baby. Kurama was then born as the son of Shiori Minamino. To regain his lost power he would have to live on earth as a human for 10 years. However, in that time he had learned to love. When his human mother got sick, he couldn’t leave her; he stayed to live as a human.

Two of his friends accompanied him on his way to school. The shortest of the three was a lean boy, with slicked back black hair and brown eyes. The other was tall and broad built. He had orange hair and small eyes. The two boys were both famous delinquents of the city. They were no other than Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara.

They argued as they walked. Kuwabara yelled to Yusuke, “I will so beat you, Urameshi! You just wait and see!”

“Not even in your next life,” laughed Yusuke.

“So you think that’s funny, huh? I’ll show you funny!” Kuwabara rolled up his sleeves of his jacket, getting ready to pound the other boy.

“Now, now Kuwabara,” Kurama said gently trying to stop their fight.

“Come on, Kurama,” the bigger boy said, “just let me bruise that ego of his a little.”

“Are you sure you should be calling him by that by that name?” interrupted Yusuke.

“Huh, oh yeah,” Kuwabara said, “Guess your right.”

“Really, Yusuke, it’s all right,” Kurama said.

“No, it’s just I don’t want any rumors spreading. Saying ugly here has a thing for you or something, that’s all,” Yusuke replied. “People will thing it’s a nickname.”

“…where do you get these ideas…?”

“Yusuke!” a familiar female voice called. The three turned to see who it was. It was Keiko, Yusuke’s girlfriend. She had brown hair that went pass her shoulders and bright brown eyes. She ran over to them with a smile on her face.

“Hi!” she said when she reached the three boys.

“Hey,” Yusuke said lamely.

“You can at least ACT like your happy to see me, Yusuke,” Keiko said slightly annoyed.

“I am happy,” he replied, “but…I see you everyday.”

“Humph,” she said looking away from him, slightly angrier. “Fine! Be that way.”

“Hey, Keiko, what about us?” Kuwabara asked. “You’re not glad to see us?”

“Oh, I am.” She smiled at Kurama and Kuwabara. The two smiled back.

A bunch of giggling girls passed them. They whispered as they walked, pointing to Kurama, squealing and blushing.

“Geeze, what is it with you?” asked Yusuke annoyed.

“Yeah, almost all the babes in school like you,” Kuwabara stated, looking at all the girls staring their way.

“Must be annoying,” Yusuke commented, “can’t even go to take a piss without being stalked.”

“It is, but you get use to it after awhile,” Kurama said.

“Yeah, but still…”

“Hey, Kurama?” Kuwabara asked, “Do pretty girls come up to you with goo goo eyes just to hear you speak?”


“AAH!” He said as his eyes went a-sparkle, his thoughts drifted away into his own little world. “I wish that happened to me!”

“Well, Kuwabara, I know why that never happens to you,” Yusuke laughed. “It would be a repeat of when I possessed your body and Keiko’s friends ran away.”

“What! What’s this about getting possessed?” Kuwabara yelled, eyeing the boy.

“Kuwabara,” said Kurama, “I think your missing the point…”

“Anyway,” Yusuke said turning to Kurama, before Kuwabara could open his month to speak. “Does it feel strange when you get asked out by ‘guys’?”

“Um…yes…” Kurama replied sweat dropping.

“Thought so, “Yusuke said, “I don’t know if I’ll puke or run away.”

“Still,” Kuwabara said, “I wish pretty girls would be interested in me…” he hung his head down in disappointment.

“What about Yukina?” Keiko asked.

“My sweet Yukina!” Stars appeared in his eyes as he journeyed back to his fantasy world.

The others sweat dropped. “We better be hurrying or well be late for school,” Kurama said.

“Oh, yeah,” Keiko cried. “We’ll be late!”

“Ah, who cares,” Yusuke said. “Us men don’t need school.”

“Yeah,” Kuwabara agreed. “We just need pretty girls and video games. Isn’t that right, Kurama?”

“Um…sure…” the fox sweat dropped.

“What?! How dare you agree with these idiots?!” questioned Keiko.

“What?!” Yusuke cried. “Who are you calling an idiot?!”

“Yeah! I’m no idiot!” Kuwabara yelled.

“Come on guys. Don’t fight,” Kurama said gently trying to calm the three before another argument broke lose. “We’re all friends, right?” Kurama asked his sweat drop growing bigger.

“No!” the three replied.

“Now, now, I know you don’t mean that,” said Kurama putting his hands in the air.

“Come on, lets get to school before we’re late.” Keiko grabbed Kurama’s hand and pulled him along with her.

“Uh…”Kurama cried.

“So now you have to take my girl, too!” Yusuke cried, “A hundred wasn’t enough!”

Keiko turned around, glanced at him a moment, and then shot back around with a, “Humph.” She let go of Kurama’s hand. The boy trailed behind her.

“Hey, Yusuke?” Kuwabara said, “Do you think it’s brains.

“Nah, it couldn’t be…” Yusuke said.

The two tailed after Keiko and Kurama. “Maybe it’s the hair? Or the eyes. A lot of chicks say he has beautiful eyes,” Kuwabara pointed out.

“You should be thankful for what you have,” Keiko interrupted turning around to speak, “not what others have.”

The two boys sighed with defeat. “But it’s not fair…” Kuwabara winded.

Suddenly a large amount of demonic energy surrounded the four. But only Kurama seemed to notice. He gasped but Yusuke and Kuwabara continued to talk to Keiko, as if they where carefree. Yusuke, Kuwabara, did you feel it too… Kurama thought.

“There you are…Kurama…” An eerie voice echoed through the air.

What was that! He cried in his mind. “Kurama, are you all right?” asked Keiko in a worried tone, noticing the sweat that was beginning to form on his face and his slightly worried look.

“Yeah, you don’t look so good,” Yusuke added.

“Huh? Oh, I’m fine,” the red headed boy replied.

“Okay,” Keiko said unsurely, nevertheless putting on a smile.

They don’t even notice…maybe it’s nothing, but…still… Kurama looked up at the sky unsure of what was yet to come.

“Come on!” Keiko yelled to her friend from the top step that led to the school, Yusuke and Kuwabara right next to her.

“I’m coming!” Kurama cried running after his friends.


The school bell rung ending the school day. Kids ran out of the class in a hurry. Kurama just sat in his desk staring out the window, deep in thought. What was that strange aura I felt earlier…?

When everyone else was gone, someone approached Kurama. “Um…Shuichi…?” A young girl’s voice asked snapping the boy out of his thoughts.

“Yes?” the fox said turning to the girl.

“Would you…um…um…um…would you…um…I mean would you consider…um…”

“I’m sorry but I really have to be going,” Kurama said gathering up his things and placing them in his bag. He got up out of his chair and walked to the door. “Talk to me tomorrow, all right.” he waved farewell and existed the classroom.

“Um…um…okay…”she said.

Kurama sighed as he walked down the hall. Girls giggled as he pasted them, but he paid no attention to them he was too deep in thought. I don’t understand. Why didn’t Yusuke and Kuwabara sense the energy? He asked himself. Were they too busy arguing with Keiko…Maybe I’m getting worked up over nothing…?

Kurama reached the school’s entrance doors, he pushed them open and existed the building. He made his way through the schoolyard and passed through the open gates that surrounded the entire school. He walked down the sidewalk still thinking. This is exhausting. The energy was just some stray demon and the voice was just my imagination.

“No…” a ghostly voice said, “I’m very much real. Wha ha ha ha!”

Kurama gasped. Who are you? He cried in his mind. How are you in my thoughts!

“Heh, heh, heh…come…”

The scarlet haired boy could now sense the powerful demonic energy again. He began to track down the source of it. The aura lead him to a dark, gloomy alley. A blurry silhouette appeared in front of Kurama, its face shrouded in shadows.

The figure glared up at Kurama. One of its eyes glowed a bright yellow color. The figure spoke, “Hello…Kurama…”

Kurama froze. The voice was like a dagger stabbing through the fox’s back. Terror consumed the boy. Why? He thought, Why is that voice so…so familiar…?

“It is, isn’t?” said the eerie figure.

“Who are you?” Kurama cried.

“Ah…you don’t remember me…It breaks my heart…”

All of the sudden the figure appeared in front of Kurama. The boy gasped. He stepped back in shock. How?! I didn’t even see him move! “You’re so much prettier up close,” the ghostly figure said. It reached its hand out toward Kurama and caressed his cheek. (Hands off!)

“EERR!” Kurama stepped back, drawing a red rose from his long red hair. He transformed it into a long light green whip, with sharp deadly thorns. “Rose Whip!” he shouted. Kurama raised his whip and struck it down upon the demon in front of him. However, the figure had vanished again, causing the whip only to come in contact with the broken up ground.

“Ha ha ha! Feisty, aren’t we?” the voice said, now coming from behind the fox demon. Kurama turned around and slashed at the figure but it again disappeared.

“Sorry, but I don’t intend to fight you…today. Only to warn you.” The figure floated above Kurama watching him closely.

“What!?” Kurama asked confused.

“Soon…I will kill you. This time you will die for sure. I’ll send you to hell.”

“What are you talking about?!”

“If I was you I would keep my distance from anyone close to you. Who knows an accident might happen…heh, heh, heh. Good bye for now…Shuichi Minamino…” With that, the figure was gone.

He knows my human name! Does that mean he knows about my mother?! If I’m near my family, will he attack?! What am I going to do…?!

To be continued…