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Two Roads, One Path


Chapter One

After the fight with team Uraotogi, team Urameshi have earned themselves a long deserved break. It was a warm Spring evening. The sun was setting in the west leaving in its trail a dark pink orange mark in the sky. The ocean nearby was thrashing with rage as Hiei, the flame demon, took a few practice swipes at some large rocks along a rocky cliff. Tomorrow was team Urameshi's match with the well-known, team Toguro. Hiei had been shoving in some last minute training before the final match.

"Tomorrow is the real deal but I am ready."


"Hey Kurama! Wait up! Have you seen Genkai around here lately? I think she's disappeared. I've been looking everywhere for her," said an exhausted Kuwabara racing to the side of Kurama.

"Actually I haven't seen her all day," lied Kurama. He knew that Genkai had died earlier, although he hadn't seen it himself, he felt her energy disappear. He just didn't have the heart to tell Kuwabara. The two walked on in an awkward silence until Kuwabara decided to break the it.

"Did you see that blast in the sky earlier? I'm sure it was Urameshi. Something's wrong and I know it. Something big is goiní down, Kurama, I can feel it."

"You're absolutely right Kuwabara, but we need not get into any more conflicts until tomorrow's finals, so I think it is best we return to the hotel before it gets too dark."

"I guess you're right. I just hope Genkai and Yusuke are alright."


The evening eventually turned to night. The sky was now a dark purple filled with hundreds of bright stars. A soft breeze filled the starlit forest as a mournful Yusuke stalked by.

"I'm not taking anymore crap. When tomorrow comes, Toguro won't know what hit 'em. Genkai, if you can hear me, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me the most. I guess I am really a dimwit," whispered Yusuke.

"HAHAHAHA! You must have really low self-esteem if you're calling yourself a dimwit," laughed a strange voice.

"Who are you? Come out!" A boy about the same height as Yusuke, walked out into the forest clearing. He couldn't have been much younger than Yusuke but he was shorter and more muscular. The strange boy had a large grin on his face. But Yusuke new he wasn't human. Nothing here could really be human.

"Hello Yusuke," said the boy.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"Before anything, I want you to fight me. I need to know if Genkai has taught her favorite student well."

"How do you know Genkai?"

"I'll explain everything after, but for now, dry your tears and get ready!" Yusuke wasn't exactly sure what was going on but he was ready for a fight, he needed to blow off some steam. But was he ready for what was comming next?


"Ogre, I'm going back to Spirit World briefly. I need to meet someone who's just come in," said Koenma hastily.

"Are you sure you don't want me to accompany you Koenma sir? Also, who are you going to meet if you don't mind me asking?," asked a worried Ogre. "None of your business and if I wanted you to come I would've asked. Stay here and save my messages." And with that said he vanished.


Koenma got to his chair but struggled getting into it.

"UGH! Maybe I should've brought Ogre along. Oh hi! We have a lot to talk about as you should know." As Koenma said this a short woman with folded hands walked in and took a seat. She was no doubt old, her hair; pinkish gray.

"Hello Genkai," said Koenma.

"Now that I'm here, let's get down to business. It's been almost fifteen years since those two have last been with each other. Knowing them, they're probably doing something stupid. How do you think Yusuke is going to react?" said Genkai.

"Seeing as Myren is his brother he should welcome him with open arms. But you're probably right. I did kind of throw Yusuke into this mess. He has enough to worry about with the finals tomorrow. I think I should go back and sort things out."

"It would be for the best."

****************************** The moonlight lit up the dark forest clearing on one of the cooler spring nights. The trees swayed gently while the soft breeze blew by. Yusuke and the stranger stood still, eyes locked.

"So are you going to tell me your name before I beat you up?" asked Yuske still keeping his gaze on the other boy.

"It's Myren."

"Alright then."

Myren began to emit a dark green aura. The young spirit detective didn't see the aura as a threat and sprinted toward Myren and struck him in the face and before his feet hit the ground kicked his opponent in the stomach. Myren moved back a couple inches but other then that seemed unharmed. Before Yusuke could put his full defense up Myren launched a fury of punches unto Yusuke who was then flung into a large oak ten yards behind him.

"He's pretty strong and his defense is pretty solid but he lacks speed, I can use this," thought Yusuke.

All of a sudden Yusuke disappeared. Everything stood still except the cool breeze. After what seemed like an hour Myren heard footsteps in every direction. Before he could fully examine the situation Yusuke lept at him from behind with a punch. Strangely Yusuke was hurled back into the brush. When he regained his focused he had realized what had hit him. The young fighter had a tail.

"What...the...hell...are you?" yelled a shocked Yusuke.

"Hmph, I get that a lot," sneered Myren.

Myren leaped at Yusuke ready to attack but the spirit detective quickly rolled out of the way and punched Myren in the face. He then landed multiple punches on the boy that seemed to go on forever but in the end Yusuke looked more worn out then his opponent.

"Why am I not hurting you?" asked a suspicious Yusuke.

"It's called soul aura. With this green aura circling me I can manipulate my spirit energy to build up a better defense. What I lack in speed I make up for in defense," told Myren.

"Okay, well, I guess I'll just have to hit you with something harder." Yusuke launched his spirit gun technique but Myren did something that shocked Yusuke. He launched an almost identical spirit gun attack. The explosion sounded throughout the forest and knocked down many trees with the after shock. Yusuke was speechless. He didn't know of anyone besides Genkai who could do that attack.

"What the hell? This is getting too weird. Well, after all, this whole place is weird," thought Yusuke, "Maybe he'll explain everything afterwards. But how am I supposed to beat him with his stupid soul aura?"

Yusuke was too into his thoughts to realize what was going on. There was smoke everywhere and no sign of Myren only some dark blue light that kept coming at him faster and faster. Unexpectedly, Myren flew out of the smoke and his blue glowing tail thrashed on Yusuke's chest. Yusuke was pummeled in the ground making a huge crater. He slowly got up and ripped off his bloody shirt. He wiped his mouth off of blood and readied himself to fight again. The two fought for a long time but Myren still had the upper hand and Yusuke's energy was failing him fast.

"Damn it! I don't know what to do. I'm not ready to take off these damn spirit cuffs and this guy is on my ass. Damn it! What do i do?" thought Yusuke as he dodged multiple punches from Myren.

Just then a familiar voice popped inside Yusuke's head.

"Stupid boy, don't you ever use your head? Have I taught you nothing? You have more techniques in your arsenal," it was the voice of Genkai his former trainer.

"Duh! Stupid me. The spirit wave! Thanks Grandma."

Yusuke jumped back dodging a tail swipe from Myren and chanted the incantation to the spirit wave technique. All Myren could do was stare in wonder.

"So that's the spirit wave. That could've been mine," thought Myren. Yusuke's right fist emitted a large blue looking flame on it. Yusuke launched forward at Myren and Myren braced himself for what was about to come. He manipulated his spirit defense to grow much more dense. Yusuke thrust the punch toward Myren and he caught it. For a long time there was a struggle of power until Myren's battle aura faded off as did the spirit wave. Both were tired and couldn't hold on much longer. One of them had to end it quickly. Before Yusuke could regain full consciousness, Myren's glowing tail snuck out and tried to end the battle with a large thrash but Yusuke and saw it jumped in the air.

"This time you don't have that stupid spirit defense. Finally...its over,"

said Yusuke as he charged his spirit gun blast directly at Myren.

The large explosion ensued and when the smoke cleared Myren lay on the ground while Yusuke kneeling. Without warning Koenma ran up with a very worried look on his face.

"What have you two done? Well Yusuke, I guess I owe you an explanation. But first help your brother to the hotel."

"Now this is getting way too weird. " said a shocked Yusuke.