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Yusuke and Keiko

Yusuke and Keiko!

Yusuke and Keiko are one of the only proven couple in Yu Yu Hakusho. They have been friends since they were children. Like most boy and girl childhood friends they grew up to be close and to have feelings for one another. Yusuke even proposes to her in one of the last episodes.

Kuwabara and Yukina

Kuwabara and Yukina!

This love seems to only one sided. Kuwabara is obviously madly in love with Yukina. But she doesn’t seem to see him as more than a friend. Actually when he hints it she thinks he’s just joking around.

Genkai and Toguro

Okay, this is proven. They were in love when they were young, but Toguro wanted power and left Genkai. He didn’t want to become old.

Sakyo and Shizuru

Both seemed to have a thing for each other. Shizuru really liked him, and even the nutcase , Sakyo gave her his liter, proving he liked her at least a little. But you got to remember he said he would kill himself is he had a family like his brothers. And got to remember his obsession with cutting things up, who knows what he do to Shizuru! And besides that there’s one other problem: He was blown to Kingdom Come!

Botan and Koenma

This may be a true couple, but there’s no real evidence. Sure, they both seem to be close, but they’re most likely just friends. But he would have to stay a teenager all the time wouldn’t he, or it would be a bit wrong…

Botan and Kurama
Botan and Kurama!

A pretty popular shipping. (And one of our personal faves.) But there’s no real proof. Through Kurama did save Botan in the first movie and he picked her up out of the way of an attack in the second movie. Kurama also loves flowers and Botan’s name is a flower. Hmmm… Botan also did cry when Kurama was getting hurt as he fought Karasu. Oh, and the whole be careful thing with the Hospital episodes. But then I don’t think Kurama will get close to anyone. I also heard a rumor Kurama kisses Botan on the cheek in the Valentine episode.

Botan and Yusuke

Okay, I admit that at first I was for this couple. But that was back in episode one when Yusuke first croaked. I mean they looked cute together and are together in the first ending song. Then Keiko came and Yusuke obliviously has the hots for her. They are close friends but there is the rumor of a omake in which Yusuke had a dream he and Botan married. But that was a dream, Hiei was smiling in it! Plus I don’t think Yusuke would hurt Keiko.

Botan and Keiko
Botan and Keiko

The most popular yuri couple. This has a very slim chance of happening. Keiko loves Yusuke. Yusuke! I really don’t think they see each other as more than friends. That’s all they are girlFRIENDS! Like in best friends.

Botan and Yukina

Okay this is a weird one. I can’t see them together. I don’t think Yukina knows what love even is in the first place and they show no signs of being more than friends. They could never have an honest relationship, Botan could never tell her Hiei was Yukina’s brother.

Botan and Hiei

A lot of people say they look cute together but I don’t think they think of each other as more than friends. Hiei won’t admit he has friends through. But I heard in a Valentine Special of YYH Hiei kisses Botan on cheek, but that’s only a rumor.

Botan and Kuwabara

Kuwabara did like Botan at the beginning. Remember, “It’s the pretty girl!”--Kuwabara. But then when he saw Yukina that was the end of Botan. Botan didn’t like him that way, through they are friends now

Yusuke and Kuwabara
Yusuke and Kuwabara

The couple has about a 0% chance of happening. First off they both seem to be straight. I mean Kuwabra was calling Karasu a queer (in the Japanese version.) so that pretty much proves he doesn’t swing that way. And Yusuke obviously likes woman, look at all the perverted things he does to Keiko and remember his face when he found out Miyuki was a man? They are just good friends and will most likely not cheat on their girls for another man.

Yusuke and Kurama

A heard this is pretty popular. Sure they do show some moments i.e., Yusuke picking Kurama up (He was knocked out come on. Not like he’s going to pick his own limb body up. )But they’re no more than friends. Like friends worry about each other. If they didn’t they wouldn’t really be friends, now would they?

Yusuke and Hiei

Sure they watch each other’s backs, but that’s just because they’re friends, even through Hiei won’t admit it. (Admit they’re friends that is.)

Yusuke and Yukina

He rescued her but they’re just friends, I guess. It was a mission! And Kuwabara would kill Urameshi. Plus Yusuke loves Keiko!

Yusuke and Koenma

Koenma brought Yusuke back to life, so of course they became friends. He’s Yusuke’s boss too. But they’re nothing more than friends. And don’t start saying that saying that states that you make fun of your crush. ’Cause Yusuke makes fun of everyone.

Kurama and Hiei

The most popular yaoi couple in all of YYH, Hiei and Kurama. The animators seemed to have a “thing” for this couple, but the creator himself said they weren’t suppose to be a couple. Hiei and Kurama are very close friends if anything, And if they do fall in love I doubt it will be with each other. And if they were to develope feelings for one another, Hiei would be murdered by Kurama’s fan club.

Kurama and Karasu

Karasu seemed to be oddly attracked to Kurama. I mean he played with the fox’s hair, said strange things to him, etc. Through Kurama didn’t seem to want to do anything more than kill Karasu. And what about that little thing about having pleasure in killing something you love. I think that’s a little eccentric, don’t you? There’s also another thing, Karasu is dead! (Yay!)

Kurama and Kuwabara
Kurama and Kuwabara

Dude, they’re just friends. How could anyone ever thing of this pairing? I mean it’s Beauty and the Beast!!

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