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Bloody Mary

By Ryoko

Chapter Five

"Into Darkness"

A long silence engulfed the room. Everyone wore a face filled with worry and shock. All, that is, except Keiko, who slept peacefully in the hospital bed behind them all.

“Hiei…” Botan slowly said. “Where’d the attack come from?”

Hiei looked at her. Then slowly reached for his sheath and sword, grabbed it and brought it in front of him so they all could see. He grabbed the helt of the sword and pulled the blade from the sheath.

Everyone starred at the sword, shocked. The blade was almost completely gone; a small stump was all that remained. Stained blood covered the entire blade.

“My sword…” said Hiei. “The attack came from my sword……”


Blood dripping from his mouth, Hiei looked down. His eyes widened. A hook covered in red was speared into his stomach. Blood dripped from the gash. The red liquid flooded Hiei’s mouth as he stared, dripping off his chin, down to the slick floor below.

The pain was unbearable. He seemed to be paralyzed by it. With great difficulty he managed to turn his head to the source of the attack, expecting to see the rest of a body.

But there was no body at all; instead the hook was protruding from his own sword. Blood gushed out of the blade, as if the sword was crying tears of blood.

Shock crossed across Hiei’s mind as a female face surfaced on the sword’s steel blade. One half of the face was dripping with red, the other conveyed in darkness. A blood-shot eyeball surfaced on the part of the face that shown.

The eye rolled around, as if in search of something. Spotting hiei it stopped, fixing itself on him, obviously finding what it was looking for.

A light laughter echoed in the cave as the eye starred at Hiei, while receiving a horrified stare in return. Then, suddenly, in an eerie voice it screeched, in an earsplitting tone, “You shall die! You shall all die!”

The hook embedded in Hiei’s stomach suddenly shot violently upwards towards his ribcage. Blood squirted from the gash as it did, dotting the ground below with the red liquid. His sternum cracked under the strain of the metal. Pain, unbearable pain, surged through his body.

“U…u……uh……” Hiei struggled to cry as blood gushed from his mouth, his grip still held tightly on his sword.

Is this the end?He thought as the hook continued to cut through his sternum and ribs.

His eyes blurred. Black was the only color he could distinguish. He shut his eyes to the unwelcoming darkness. Soon his feet gave way and Hiei plumaged backwards, blood spraying from his mouth and wound. The grip on his sword loosened and the steel object fell to the ice floor with a clatter, followed by even more echoing clanks and a vague sob. These were the last sounds he heard as he fell more and more into darkness.

To be continued……