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Bloody Mary

By Ryoko

Chapter Four

"Siblings in Danger!"

Yusuke walked into the hospital room, where Keiko lay asleep on the provided bed. She breathed softly. White bandages dotted her face where she had been cut. When Yusuke reached her, he dropped to his knees. He gently grabbed her hand and held it in his. Keiko stirred slightly in her sleep and made a soft moaning noise.

Yusuke looked up still holding her hand. Hanging from the wall directly in front of him was a mirror. Slowly getting up, Yusuke released his grip around Keiko's hand and walked over to it.

He starred into the clear glass of the mirror, only to see his own reflection. Taking his eyes off the mirror he scanned the room. Eyes stopping, he walked over to a white hand cloth that sat on a petite drawer, which was used to put patients' belongings in.

Yusuke picked it up and placed it over the mirror. It draped over the framed object, covering it entirely.

"Why are you covering the mirror?" asked a familiar voice from behind him.

Yusuke, not bothering to turn around, for he knew the who the voice’s owner was, replied in a gloomy tone, unusual for him, " I thought it would break when it saw your ugly face."

"Oh is that all," said Kuwabara. Then realizing the meaning of his words yelled, "What! I'll-!"

Yusuke turned around. No sign of joy was in his eyes. He looked unusually serious. Kuwabara stopped, mid-sentence. He looked at Yusuke and was about to ask a question when he heard fast paced footsteps approaching them. Kuwabara turned around and Yusuke starred at the door.

Botan appeared at the door entrance, exhaustion shown on her face. She gasped for air. "One...(gasp) second," she said holding up her index finger, telling them to wait. The other hand was placed over her chest. As they waited for Botan to catch her breath, Kurama appeared behind her, looking quite the opposite of Botan.

"Oh, hello everyone," he said cheerfully. "I hope Keiko's alright."

Botan, suddenly, seeming better, blurted out, "Keiko! Is she all right!" I came as fast I could, when I heard!" (We can see that, Botan. -.- )

"She's all right now," answered Yusuke in a plain tone. He walked back over to Keiko's bedside and stood, looking down at her.

"So," Kuwabara began. " What happened? Who attacked you guys?"

Yusuke didn't answer for he knew how crazy it sounded.

"Yusuke?" Botan asked, eyeing him.

"I think," started Yusuke. "I think it was Bloody Mary."

There was a long silence in the room. Then slowly, Botan spoke. "But how can that be? I thought there was no such thing."

"Well what else could it be!?,” asked Yusuke a little annoyed. "It came out from the ficken mirror and had a fricken hook!

"Maybe it's a demon," said Kuwabara looking like he was going to explode with laughter. "Or maybe you're just losing your mind."


"It was no demon," said a voice from behind them.

Everyone turned to see Hiei. Blood dripped from his lip. Bruises and cuts dotted his body. His clothes were in shatters, revealing some bruised and bloody skin. He held his stomach, blood dripping from in between his fingers. Turning to Yusuke he said slowly and full of pain, "I believe you Yusuke." He then collapsed into a nearby chair.

"Hiei, what happened to you," asked Kurama in a worried tone.

"Nothing," answered Hiei wiping the blood away that was dripping from his lip.

"Nothing?" Botan asked a little annoyed holding a fist. "You look like you just took on every apparition in the Dark Tournament!

Hiei starred at her. "It's none of your business."

"Please tell us Hiei," said Kurama.

"Hmph," he said. "If you'll leave me alone."

"I saw Yukina through my Jagan Eye. She was being attacked.”

"What?!" yelled Kuwabara grabbing Hiei's scarf and lifting him into the air. "Yukina was attacked! Where is she now?!"

Ignoring the question Hiei said, "Will you put me down you fool."

"Tell me!" Kuwabara roared.

Hiei, once again didn't answer. Only sweat dropped slightly.

"Answer me!" Then a horrified look came across his face. "Y-you don't like her, do you?!" he yelled his mind making up an excuse for why Hiei was watching Yukina with his Jagan Eye.

Yusuke broke from his current gloomy state and started laughing hysterical. Kurama chuckled and Botan giggled, but soon they were cracking up too.

"That's not right," laughed Yusuke. "Oh, it hurts." Yusuke held his stomach, but continued to laugh.

"I know," Kurama chuckled.

Kuwabara, not knowing what was so funny looked at his friends. “What is it? What's so funny?!” He asked, dropping Hiei, who fell, with a disgusted look on his face, to the ground.

"Oh nothing," laughed Yusuke.

"Anyway," said Hiei brushing himself off and back into the sat he was sitting on moments before, wearing an aggravated expression. "After I saw her, I rushed to the Ice World. When I got there was something coming from the ice."


Hiei came rushing onto the snowy grounds, near a cave in the Ice World, quickly hiding behind some rocks at the entrance. Icy stalactites hung from the ice covered ceiling of the cave. He looked over at a small girl, cowering in a corner of the cave, terror in her eyes. She starred terrified at a shadowy object that extended from the cave wall directly in front of her. Light then shown on the object, revealing that it was a hook, covered in blood. The hook raised in the air and began to come violently down towards Yukina.

"Aaaaaiiiii!!" she screamed and closed her eyes as the pointed object came down at her.

Anger surging through him, Hiei ran to Yukina's side, with his lightning like speed and parried the horrid creature's attack with his sword. Yukina opened her eyes and looked up at her savor. "Oh thank- she began, but was cut off mid-sentence, when Hiei picked her up, barely dodging another slash from the attacker.

He ran straight out of the cave. When he thought they were at a safe distance, he sat Yukina down on the cold, snow covered ground. Anger burned though him like never before. How dare this thing try to hurt Yukina. Then turning to his sister he said firmly, "Stay here." He turned back to the cave and, gripping his sword tightly, charged over to it, anger consuming his thoughts.

Back in the cave Hiei looked around. There now seemed to be nothing in the cave. The bloody sight seemed to have disappeared. Slowly he stepped forward, onto the mirror like floors of the cave.

Cautiously he took another step. It's still here. Awkwardly, he took another step. Then another. And another.


Hiei looked down at his feet to see a puddle of red. An object shot out from the puddle. It was the same hook he'd seen before, rusty with blood. It shot dangerously out from the puddle of red, death was its goal, for it shot towards his heart.

Hiei dodged the attack, barely. The hook shot at him again. This time, cutting into the flesh of his arm. Wincing, he looked back at the ground. But to his shock there was nothing there. The icy floor was spotless, not even a drop of blood lay on it.

Then a pain, a pain he never felt before, speared through his stomach. A horrible tasting liquid filled his mouth and dripped through the ridges of his mouth. It was a dark red liquid… blood.

End Flashback

Hiei stopped his story telling. He gripped his still bleeding stomach, wincing at the memory. Everyone stared at him, worry and shock in their eyes.

"Hiei." Botan said in a worried tone. "What stabbed you?"

To be continued.…