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Bloody Mary

By Ryoko

Chapter Two

"First Attack!"

It was late Sunday morning. The sun was high in the sky, shinning on everything below it. Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama were in Kuwabara's room talking as Hiei sat on the window seal, looking out at the bright morning sun and trying to block them out. The television was on in the room, it's volume low.

"So where are the girls?" asked Kuwabara.

"How am I suppose to know that?" Yusuke asked back.

"Well you live with one. I would think that you would start thinking like one."

"What! If anyone here is girly, It's you!"

"I am not!"

"Ooh, really. So your saying playing with cats isn't girly?" He asked, pointing to the kitten in Kuwabara's hands. "How many guys like cats?"

"Lots of guys do," Kuwabara answered defensively, as Eikichi purred in his hands. Then he turned to Kurama and Hiei. "Don't they?" Kurama sweatdropped and Hiei turned from his current daze and muttered something that sounded like, "Poor fool."

"Please fox-boy probably eats cats," Yusuke said, getting an I do not! look from Kurama. "Hiei, well, really doesn't like anything."

"And anyway," Yusuke continued. "You've never had a girlfriend. Though you wish Yukina was. But she doesn't even understand the meaning of the word love. I have a girlfriend, Kurama had, well, kinda….(Maya from the manga) And Hiei… well as I said before he really doesn't like anything. A smirk crossed Yusuke's face and he said, "Maybe you should just give up on girls and try boys. Either that or get plastic surgery. Just don't hit on any of us. Okay?" With that he broke off into a laugh. "Ha aha ha aha!"

"What! I'll kill you!" Kuwabara yelled putting Eikichi down. He ran over to Yusuke and grabbed him by the collar. This only made Yusuke laugh louder.

Just as Kuwabara was about to slam a fist into Yusuke's face, the television caught everyone's attention. Kurama turned it up and they all listened.

The T.V was on a news channel. "This morning 6 people have been announced dead," Said the news reporter. "All the victims were found dead in front of a mirror." Kurama, Kuwabara, still holding Yusuke by the collar, Yusuke, and even Hiei starred in shock and wonder.

The reporter continued, "Blood was all over all the victims and mirrors, but strangely no where else. All the victims appear to have been stabbed in the under chin and …" The reporter stopped for a moment, a look of disgust on her face, "their faces completely torn off. Experts say that there is no sign of struggle.”

"All the victims were 13 years of age. The victims are:

Hikari Kamiya,
Kazu and Hikaru Sagami,
Ruki Motosuwa,
Megumi Kokubunjii,
Shuichi Minamino,

Everyone turned to Kurama. " I didn't know you died," Yusuke said. Kurama sweatdropped.

" Oh, I'm sorry," said the reporter. Everyone turned back to the TV "The last one was Shuichi Minomota."

She then continued, "All the victims were murdered from 12 to 1 o' clock a.m. say experts. It is believed to be the work of a team of cereal killers. There were no witnesses to any of the murders and the criminals are still at large. It is highly advised that no one goes out alone late at night. Be sure to lock your doors and windows. I'm Kaoru Kinomoto and that was today's top story.

The news changed to a commercial for shampoo. Everyone continued to stare at the television. Yusuke finally got free from Kuwabara's grasp and was the first to speak. "Well," he began. "Who ever the killer is, he is obsessed with Bloody Mary. What a freak."

"Maybe," Kurama answered, doubt in his voice.

" How dumb tellin' us to stay inside, when everyone croaked inside." muttered Kuwabara, with no one paying any attention to him. Then he asked, "Is it possible a demon did this?"

"Yes," answered Kurama. "But the demon would have to be very fast."

Kuwabara looked at Hiei who was still sitting on the windowsill, looking out at the morning sky.

Kurama followed his gaze and reassuringly said, "Hiei wouldn't murder a human. It's against his honor and against Spirit World law."

"I don't kill those weaker than me," said Hiei. "That's the only reason you're still alive."

"What!" yelled Kuwabara.

"Do you guys always have to fight?" Kurama asked them.

"He started it," said Kuwabara.

"Humph," Hiei answered simply.

It was now 11:30 p.m., Yusuke was walking home from Kuwabara's house. Yusuke could care less about the murderer attacking him. He'd like to see them try. Kurama had left earlier. He didn't want his human mother to worry. Hiei had left shortly after for reasons of his own. Yusuke and Kuwabara had spent the rest of the day talking, fighting with each other, watching TV, and playing video games. They also spent some time looking at thing Keiko would not appreciate.

They went out for awhile and checked the news ever now and then to see if anything else was known about what was being called "The Mirror Murders". There wasn't.

Yusuke was at the doorstep to his and Keiko's house. They were living together now, they weren't married yet. Though they were planning to after Keiko was out of college.

He searched in his pockets for his house key. After finding it, he stuck it in the key lock and pushed open the door. He slipped his shoes off and stuffed the key back in his pocket.

Before he could say anything, a hand slapped across his cheek. With throbbing pain in his cheek, he looked slightly down to see Keiko. Fire was in her eyes.

"Where have you been?" she asked. "You could at least have called."

Yusuke rubbed his cheek and said, "Sorry Keiko. It slipped my mind." (-.- sure it did)

"Sorry isn't good enough, Yusuke," She said in a soft voice and turned to walk away, but stopped. "Haven't you heard the news?" Then walked off.

Yusuke stepped inside. Their house was small. It had a bathroom, small kitchen/dinning room, and a large room that they used as a bedroom and living room. He watched Keiko walk into the bathroom to brush his hair, still mad.

"Yeah," he finally answered. “But I'd blow them to bits."

He decided to get ready for bed himself. He took off his shirt to revel a T- shirt. He started to take the things out off his pockets when- a terrifying scream rang though the house. It was followed by a clatter of things smashing to the ground. The scream could have only come from Keiko.

Yusuke ran over to the bathroom. As he reached the entrance the door slammed shut in his face. "Yusuke!" Keiko cried from the other side of the door.

A door wasn't going to stop Yusuke. He lifted a fist into the air and slammed it into the door. When the door fell to the ground, Yusuke starred in horror at what was in front of his eyes.

To be continued…