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Bloody Mary

By Ryoko

Chapter one

"Legends are Told"

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the middle of the summer. The sun shown brightly as Yusuke Urameshi and his friends Kurama, Botan, Kuwabara, and Yusuke's girlfriend, Keiko walked the streets of the city. Everyone was in casual wear (they won't wearing a school uniform or a kimono).

It was almost 1:30 so the friends decided to eat at Pizza World. As they ate their pizza they heard two boys from the table next to them talking.

"Did you do it?" one asked.

"No," said the other putting his head down.

"What! Are you chicken? All you have to do is say Bloody Mary three times while looking in a mirror."

"But I heard people have died from doing it!" the boy said, keeping his head down.

"Chicken," the other grumbled.

"Ah, the old Bloody Mary ghost story," said an eavesdropping Kuwabara.

"What are you talking about?" said an unfriendly voice.

"Aaii, Hiei!" Kuwabara yelped nearly jumping out of his seat. "You just can't appear like that!"

"Hmph. Don't have a heart attack," said Hiei. "I was only asking a simple question. If it's too complicated for you, we can all understand."

"What did you say!" Kuwabara roared and grabbed Hiei by the white scarf around his neck. "Why you lit-" Kuwabara started but stopped when he noticed he was only holding Hiei's scarf. Hiei had slipped away with his amazing speed. "Fast little devil," muttered Kuwabara.

"Fool," said Hiei as he grabbed his scarf back and put it back on.

"What did you say," growled Kuwabara, holding up a fist.

"Now, stop fighting," Botan said, hitting Kuwabara hard in the head. "I would like to know what it is too."

Kuwabara rubbed his head as he muttered something that sounded like, "Why didn't she hit Hiei?"

"Bloody Mary is a story made up to scare children," Kurama began. "You’re supposed to look into a mirror at night in a dark enclosed room and say Bloody Mary three times. The story says she's suppose to come out of the mirror and kill you with her hooked hand. But there are many other versions. One says you spin around thirteen times and starting at a whisper say Bloody Mary on each spin until your voice is a shrill scream. Another says you flush the toilet three times and spin around three times, on each spin calling her name.”

Botan shuddered, "It's not true is it?"

Kurama gave a warm smile. "I don't think it is. Though, I think it’s based on a true story. I'll have to look into it."

"Oh. Okay."

“I heard the version of the toilet," Kuwabara said. "Shizuru use to torture me with it. She made me afraid to go to the bathroom at night.” He shuddered.

"There must have been a lot of accidents then," Yusuke laughed.

“Yusuke," Keiko said, shaking her head.

"Only a complete idiot would be afraid of that," added Hiei.

"You’re saying you didn't think it was a little creepy?" Kuwabara leaned over the table, asking Yusuke.

"We didn't have any mirrors in my house that weren't broken. So what was there to be afraid," Yusuke said, still laughing. "Anyway I'd kick her ass," he added causally.

"I'm sure you guys thought it was creepy, too," Kuwabara said looking at Kurama and Keiko.

"Well," said Keiko sweat dropping, "I never really thought of it that much, but I guess it is kind of creepy".

"Same thing," said Kurama, also sweat dropping.

"See,” said Hiei. "You're the only fool here."

"What!" Kuwabara yelled. "That's it, your dead!!"

Botan got out her oar and popped Kuwabara in the head. "Stop fighting you two."

"Humph," said Hiei.

"Yah," Yusuke said putting a hand on Kuwabara's shoulder. “Don't fight. Hiei would beat you up, easy. It wouldn't be very hard, even girls can knock your lights out." Yusuke laughed again.

"Shall we be going?" Kurama asked to those who were listening.

Keiko and Botan nodded, and then sighed when they saw Yusuke and Kuwabara arguing again.

Everyone was done eating now and they began to walk down the street. There were many stores on these streets. One caught Botan's eye. She whispered something to Keiko. They both began to giggle. Then they walked over to Hiei and stood over him, an evil look showed in their eyes.

"What is it," he asked blankly.

"Hiei," Keiko said looking at him. “You need a new wardrobe. You look like your wearing a dress."

"Shorty's wearing a dress. That's a good one. I should have thought of it," said Kuwabara.

"Then why didn't you?" Yusuke ask Kuwabara, but then turned his attention to Hiei. "I think the girls are right. Come on, we'll get you something cool to wear. Well I won't. I'm broke, but the others will."

Hiei wasn't that pleased with the ideal, but said as long as it wasn't anything Kuwabara would wear, he'd do it. They walked into the store that the girls were looking at, Men R Us. (Inventive huh)

It took a while to find clothes for Hiei, because of his small size, but they did find some in the petite section. Hiei was still in the dressing room.

"Come out of there already Hiei," said Kurama, leaning against the wall in between Hiei's dressing room and another. "No need to be shy."

"I am not shy!" yelled Hiei. Kurama chuckled a little. In a few moments Hiei came out of the fitting room. He was wearing blue jeans, white tennie shoes, a white shirt and green jacket. He looked really good. Botan and Keiko clapped and said they’d get it for him.

As Yusuke waited for the girls to buy the outfit, he saw a mirror. He walked over to Kuwabara, thinking he'd torture him just like Shizuru did. He laughed in his mind and spoke. "Hey, look Kuwabara," he began. "Isn't that a mirror? You know what that means: Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary… Ha ha ha,” he laughed.

"Shut up, Urameshi. That's not funny,” stated Kuwabara. Yusuke looked at him for a second but then continued to laugh.

A cold chill swept across Kurama's back as Yusuke spoke the last sound in Mary. He froze, out of the corner of his eye a dark shadowy figure flashed across the mirror behind him. Kurama gasped and turned around to face the mirror. He stared intently at the mirror, but saw nothing there.

"Is something wrong?" a voice behind him asked.

Startled, Kurama turned to see Botan, a worried expression lay on her face. "Oh, Botan." He began. "No, nothing's wrong," A fake smile spread across his face.

Botan knew he was lying, but decided to drop the subject. "Well, okay," she said unsurely.

"Don't worry, Botan," he said softly, still smiling. "I'm fine, really." "If you say so..."

After she walked away, Kurama went into deep thought. What was that? I didn't sense any spirit energy, so it couldn't be a demon. Was it just my imagination?

Keiko bought the outfit for Hiei and Botan insisted that the cashier let him wear it out. Then they left the shop. It was getting late so the six of them decided to go their separate ways. Saying good-bye, they went their own paths.

Night fell and shops closed for the night. All was silent in the men's store Yusuke and his friends had visited earlier that day. The only sound that could be heard was the wind. But suddenly a high shrill filled the air. A high pitched voice came from the room. "I'll get you," it said, a light laugh in its voice. " I'll get you all! Heh heh." Then from a dressing room mirror, a bloody hook reached out. Evil laughter echoed in the store. "Wha ha ha ha ha ha! I‘ll get you all!”

To be continued….