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September 22

The PS2 game Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament is released.

November 16

Yu Yu Hakusho: Tournament Tactics GBA game comes out.

October 5

Volume 26 Born Anew of the anime is out.

Two of the Yu Yu Hakusho voice actors, the voice of Kurama and Hiei, are going to be at the San Diego Comic Con, July 23 and 24.

Now available from Jakks Pacific are a brand new batch of Yu Yu Hakusho toys. They include 5.5 in. figures of Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, Kurama, Rinku, and Sakyo.(Who likes Sakyo??)Then there are 5.5 in. deluxe figures of Yusuke, Sazuku,Kuwabara, and Hiei in full demon form. They do cool little things like glowing weapons. To see a scan of some of the toys click here There are also 12 in. figures. But I only know they have Hiei in demon form.

October 6 marks the release of Yu Yu Hakusho volume 5 of the manga!

The release of Old Rivals, New Problems brought the 4th ending song with it. ^^ Its cool!

June 22nd volume 24 of Yu Yu Hakusho:Old Rivals, New Problems will come out!

August 17th volume 25: In the Blood is released

More news to come

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