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Bloody Mary

By Ryoko

Chapter Three

"Encounter The Unreal!"

A bloody hand was wrapped around Keiko's neck. It was connected to bloody arm, extending from the bathroom mirror. Another arm, also coming out of the mirror, had where there should had been a hand, a hook covered with a thick red liquid. The hook was placed dangerously close to Keiko's neck.

"Yusuke..." Keiko said weakly, a tear fell from the counter of her eye and ran down her cheek.

The arms seemed to have been distracted by his entry. It turned to him, seeming to stare at him, though it had no eyes.

"You Bastard!" Yusuke cursed. "Get your bloody hand-er-hook off her!"

In the mirror a terrifying sight began to appear. A female face began forming. It was scarred and blood thickly dripped from her forehead. The blood seemed to consume her face entirely. A wicked smile spread across her red face.

Yusuke starred at the mirror, terror and shock in his eyes. "U…uh..."he couldn't speak nor move. He seemed frozen to the ground with fear.

The image turned away from Yusuke and back to her prey. She lifted the blood dripping hook from Keiko's neck to her face. Keiko shook in fear as she felt a sharp, cold, wet metal object against her cheek. She wrenched as it moved across her face cutting into her flesh. "Aii..."

The hook slashed at her again and again. She tried to get away, only to be gagged from the grip the creature had around her neck. "Y…Y…Yu…Yusuke."she gagged.

Yusuke starred at the scene before his eyes. Terror consumed him as he saw the hook move down Keiko's cheek to her chin. It got closer and closer. A horribly sight came to his eyes. A memory of his childhood came to his mind, a memory of how Bloody Mary kills her victims.


A young boy with sleek black hair walked down the gloomy street. The sky was darkening, for it was late evening. He walked passed two boys his own age. One had a wicked grin on his face and the other looked terrified.

"Do you know how she kills you?" the one with the evil grin asked the other.

"," the other shuttered. "And I don't want to know." He backed away whimpering.

The blacked haired boy stopped to watch them. The boy's grin widened and in a low, eerie voice said, "She rips off your face."

End Flashback

The last words echoed in Yusuke's mind. "K…k…Keiko," he stampered.

The hook dug into the flesh on Keiko's under chin. She opened her mouth to scream, but the jaw movement only made the hook seep deeper into her chin. She wrenched and made a noise of pain. "Aii…"

Yusuke snapped out of his paralysis. A light enveloped around his index finger, he pointed it at the creature that was murdering his love! "Go back to hell you bastard!!! He shouted.

From his index finger a spirit bullet shot out, the force pushed him back a bit. The bullet went colliding into the mirror. It exploded shattering shades of glass all over the floor and counter. Blood gushed from the shards, soaking the floor. A painful cry filled the air. The bloody hand disappeared from around Keiko's neck and the hook that pierced her under chin shattered and vanished. The frightening, bloody face that starred from the mirror disappeared as well.

Keiko collapsed onto the ground, unconscious. Blood trickled down her cheeks and thickly down her neck, unto the floor that lay under her.

"Keiko…" Yusuke said tears filling his eyes, as he ran over to her side. Getting to one knee, he slightly picked up her unconscious body. ""Keiko?" he sobbed shaking her body. " Keiko?!"

To be continued...