Bankotsu and Jakotsu

"Bankotsu and Jakotsuis written by: Me, Management
Ratings: NC-17/R
Pairing: Bankotsu and Jakotsu
Disclaimer: I do NOT own these characters. They are trademarks of Ruminko Takahashi. She owns them. I only make then luhrv one another.
Plot Summary: Jakotsu seduces Bankotsu after battle. Lemon,PWP,Slash yaoi Humor.
Finished: I do believe.
Notes: I had more to this..and a really funny part, but my floppydisk took care of that. My apologies.

Bankotsu and Jakotsu "Baaan-chan?” Jakotsu leaned against the doorway peering into Bankotsu’s chamber. “You in?” Jakotsu peered in expectantly.
A mutter, grumble and then a reply sounded from across the room. “Yeah, come in.”
“Ban-chan, what’s the matter? You left in such a hurry out there, I’d almost thought you’d got squeamish,” Jakostu teased. Bankotsu looked away and straightened up defiantly. “ know me better, Jakotsu. I wasn’t squeamish, I was just bored.” “Bored eh?” Jakotsu took long seductive strides over to Bakotsu and trailed a finger across the warrior leader’s shoulder. “I could keep you company, Ban-chan.” “Don’t call me that.”
“…Ban-chan,” Jakotsu stated simply, then let out a small yawn, turning around and folding his arms over his lithe chest. Bankotsu growled. “Don’t call me that…”
“Man, Ban-chan, stop being a pain in the ass. If your tensed you should release it in healthy ways…” Jakotsu turned around and Bankotsu noticed the small smile that seemed to play around Jakotsu’s lips.
“…Like what, Jakotsu.”
“Take a guess, warrior.”
“Oh, I wonder.” Bankotsu grinned sarcastically at his friend. Jakotsu was slowly untying the back of Bankotsu’s sash without Bankotsu knowing it. When he finished the sash loosened and fell, along with Bankotsu’s pants, and Jakotsu giggled appreciatively.
“Why you…” Bankotsu gritted his teeth and pinned Jakotsu to the wall, who smiled at him triumphantly. “Don’t ever do that again, or I’ll…”
“Or you’ll what,…Ban-chan?” Jakotsu smiled and began tracing a finger around Bankotsu’s length, which stiffened in response.
Bankotsu leaned away. “What did you come here for?” Bankotsu folded his arms and made no attempt to cover himself.
“You can’t be that dense Ban. You know what I want, and you know what you need.”
Jakotsu gave a wink and untied his own sash and let his clothing drop to the floor. Bankotsu swallowed hard as his eyes roamed over the mercenary’s trim figure. Jakotsu had no problem surveying Bankotsu’s hardening member. He walked up to Bankotsu and pressed himself up against him, linking his arms around his waist. He tipped his face up to look at Bankotsu, and Bankotsu met his lip’s with his. Jakotsu flicked his tongue in and out of Bankotsu’s mouth, and Bankotsu felt shivers run up and down his spine. He found Jakotsu’s ass with one hand and gave it a deft squeeze and Jakotsu snuggled up against him. Bankotsu nibbled on Jakotsu’s bottom lip, and Jakotsu felt his own erection form.
Bankotsu broke the kiss and stepped back, and pushed Jakotsu onto the bed, climbing ontop of the form after him.
The warrior leader began nipping little kisses and bites hotly around Jakotsu’s neck, and Jakotsu have out soft whimpers of pleasure.
Jakotsu gripped a pillow with one hand and found Bankotsu’s length with the other and began to give long strokes down his shaft with a thumb, and pressed down on the tip. Bankotsu groaned and rolled over so the effeminate mercenary was straddling him.
Jakotsu gave a triumphant smile and began sucking and biting his way down Bankotsu chest, stopping to swirl his tongue around a nipple. Bankotsu leaned one arm behind his head and closed his eyes, enjoying every sensation. Jakotsu’s mouth came to stop over the warrior’s erection, and he grinned to himself and blew a thin stream of air onto the tip. Bankotsu moaned and gritted his teeth. “Don’t fucking tease me like that Jaki, you know what it does.”
Jakotsu responded by forming his mouth into an “O” and blowing hot air on his tip instead. Bankotsu groaned exsaperatedly
. “I’ll play with my toy, anyway I like, Ban-chan.”
“Well, play with it a bit sooner, will ya?” Bankotsu stopped in mid grumble as Jakotsu’s tongue flicked once at the slit on his head.
Jakotsu encircled Bankotsu’s dick with his right hand and began moving his hand up and down rhythmatically, pressing his thumb from the base of the shaft, to the slit on the tip. Bankotsu moaned and bit his lip, trying to keep from crying out. Jakotsu ran his tongue silkily up and down the entire length to the tip, and covered the head with his mouth and began sucking and swirling around the pinprick hole with the tip of his tongue.
”Ah..Jakotsu..that’s it..” Bankotsu bent his knee and arched his back, pushing himself deeper in his mouth. Jakotsu’s other fingers gripped Ban’s balls and massaged them skillfully, while his suckling began to increase in speed. Bankotsu’s eyebrows furrowed and his turned his head to moan into the pillow.
Jakotsu’s mouth let go of Bankotsu and he came up to meet the warrior leader with a harsh kiss. Bankotsu moaned into his lover’s mouth and searched with his hands to find Jakotsu’s erection.
Jakotsu gave a surprised moan when he felt his lover’s hand began to work his length, rubbing his tip against Banotsu’s own erection.
“Oh..Ban-chan..more.” Jakotsu gave a little whimper and Bankotsu stood up and put a hand on Jakotsu’s back to bend him over in front of him. Bankotsu coated a finger his own saliva then spread some liquid over his fingers and length that had been bottled underneath the bed.
“Bankotsu?” Jakotsu turned his head, and at that moment, Bankotsu pushed one finger into Jakotsu’s entrance. Jakotsu gave a gasp and a small cry in pleasure and his eye’s snapped open. Bankotsu moved his finger and inserted another finger, which insinuated a moan from Jakotsu. His wriggled his fingers around inside of Jakotsu, touching several different spots at once. “Oh god…Ban-ah-kotsu!” Jakotsu bucked against his warrior’s wriggling fingers.
Bankotsu grinned and slipped his fingers out of the entrance.
“Ban-chan, don’t stop..” Jakotsu curled his fingers into a fist and held his head on a forearm.
Bankotsu guided his stiffened member into Jakotsu’s entrance and they both moaned simultaneously. Bankotsu thrust in and out, holding onto Jakotsu’s slim hips.
“Oh fuck…Jaki!” Bankotsu’s thrust became more deep, and the groans became louder. “Ah! Oh God, harder, I’m gonna cum! Ban-chan!” Jakotsu gritted his teeth together and groaned in need and pleasure as his climax erupted, spraying his own stomach with cum. Bankotsu groaned loudly and a wave of orgasm consumed him as he reached Jakotsu’s core and he came violently, clutching onto Jakotsu’s sides. “Ah! Fuck Jakotsu!”
Jakotsu squeezed his eyes shut, nibbling on his knuckle. “Oo-aniki!” Jakotsu bucked his hips back-wards against the mercenary leader.
Bankotsu slowed as the throes of orgasm gave out and he pulled out lightly, his “brother” turning over to lay on his back. Jakotsu swiped a fingertip across his stomach, gathering some cum on the tip and licked lightly, reminding Bankotsu of a contented cat. Jakotsu held his finger up for Bankotsu and he smiled and slit his eyes, capturing the digit in his mouth and sucking the rest off. The femme warrior smiled lightly and sat up wandering over to find his discarded articles of clothing.
Bankotsu, laying on the bed, firmly comfortable with being naked, busied himself with watching the warrior’s lithe movements and naked body.
“Y’think Renkotsu heard us?” Bankotsu asked, furrowing his brow.
“Mm, I dunno. If he did you should ask him to join us next time.” Jakotsu gave his head a light toss, his bangs brushing just over his eyes as he looked over at Bankotsu with a small smirk.
Bankotsu scoffed and looked the other way, considering his elder (but not more powerful) brother’s reaction and his not so friendly relationship with Jakotsu. Jakotsu walked over to Bankotsu, not having found his yukata yet and climbed atop the mercenary, straddling him lightly.
Bankotsu looked up at him. “Maybe I should get bored more often.” He grinned slyly. “Don’t be a greedy dick, Ban-chan. Your not going to get that every time you get squeamish on the battlefield.” He trailed a finger down Bankotsu’s chest and followed the muscle indentation down past his bellybutton, just before undoing the straddle and straightening himself up, slipping on the yukata as he went. Bankotsu frowned. “What should we tell the others we were doing?” Jakotsu bit his lip and smiled. “Tell them…we were practicing positions.” Bankotsu rose an eyebrow as he clambered into his own clothes. “In fighting, I mean. Gods, Bankotsu, since when did you get such the perverted mind.” Jakotsu smiled and slung his blade, Jakotsuto, over his shoulder the exited the chamber.
You know what? Well I’ll tell you what. I had more pohn right? I had written, a lot more, about 2 other jak-bans and a ban-orig.char and..some other stuff that wasn’t quite pohn, but was funny, and my computer decided to be a bastard and loose it all, expect the first 2 pages. That third page you just read, that was new. Uh-huh. NEW… Could you tell, I can’t remember what I wrote! Friggin’ compy, I’ll get Bankotsu to Banryuu it to death. Anyways, more will ensue, coz ‘m nice and in need of more porn.
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