Glossary of Terms

FanFiction Terms


Alt.Uni.: Alternate Universe. Sometimes characters can crossover from their origional setting into other universes such as the present or the past.
Angst:A fanfiction term that usually describes a character's inner anxiety, or torture on a subject, usually a loved one.



Crossover: Crossover fics are fictions that take characters from one series and make them interact with characters from another series. IE: Ranma meets Vash The Stampede.


Darkfic: Darkfictions are fictions that have evil undertones and are usually NC-17 to R. They include Non Consentual(sp?) sex, torture, violence, and the like.



Fluff: Fluff is usually cutsey, romantic fair. Love, no sex, no violence..pretty pretty.



Hentai: Hentai really means "pervert" in Japanese and is used to describe male/female anime. Hentai will be rare in this site.^-^.



Lemon: Lemon describes a ficton with graphic implications and descriptions of sex.

Lime: Lime describes a ficiton that suggests sex and is mildly provocative.


Mpreg:A fiction where a male becomes pregnant,(usually common when the male is not human ie: demon)


N/C:Non Consent. Usually considered rape, albiet sometimes, the forced character ends up liking the results. But only sometimes.



PWP:-PlotWhatPlot. Straight to the point(no pun intended). Mentions sex within the first paragraph or so and describes it too ^-^!



Shoujo:Shoujo is kind of complicated. It does mean "girls' love" in Japanese and can be mixed up with "yuri". However, on this site, Shoujo will stand for a Fluff-like fic, with girls' merely loving one another.

Shonen-ai: Shonen-ai means "boys' love" in Japanese and is often blurred with yaoi. On this site, shonen-ai will stand for boys' just loving eachother, no Lemon.

Slash: Slash is the English term of yaoi, meaning implications and descriptions of male/male sex.

Smut:A ficiton that is basically nothing more than dirty, kinky sex. S&M.



Yaoi:Yaoi describes male/male. Not to be confused with shonen-ai.Yaoi is generally more graphic and less Fluffy. Yaoi is also the basis of our site!

Yuri:Yuri describes female on female and is not to be blurred with shoujo. Yuri is generally more graphic.


Common Pairings-InuYasha

I/M: InuYasha and Mirouku. The most popular pair, and the most featured in Doujinshi to date. The perversion vs. the petty.
I/S: InuYasha and Sesshoumaru. Incest, I know, but decidedly popular. Yaoi fangirls drool over this demony pair.
I/K: InuYasha and Kouga. Enemies make a perfect exscuse for a heated pair. Love rivals, InuYasha and Kouga'll give up on Kagome and chase eachother's tail.
S/N: Sesshoumaru and Naraku. Two evil cold hearted men...warming each other up?
S/M: Sesshoumaru and Mirouku. Just think of it, Mirouku teasing ol' Fluffers..ol' Fluffers pinning him to a wall...
J/B: Jakotsu and Bankotsu. My ABSOLUTE favourite pair, ever. Jakotsu rules. And he shall, so says the webmiester. One of the most famous and supported pairing out there. There is even evidence in the manga and anime that suggest they have something going on behind screens.
N/Everyone else: Naraku and Everyone else. Probably indicated a non-con...since Naraku is a cowardly...person, he'd prolly have to tie 'em down to...nevermind.

Common Pairings-Harry Potter

font size=3> H/D:Harry and Draco. My most favourite...I think it's the whole heated enemy thing that makes the two of them snogging hot. Maybe even the cliche'. Light/Dark. Black/Blonde. Evil/...not. I even wrote a fic about it called Contrast...~looks around~ I'm not self promoting, no, no I'm not. ~innocence~.
H/SS:Harry and Snape. My second favourite. The teacher student romance is oh so smutty and romantic. Skwee, I can't take the romance! So perfect!
H/R:Ahhh the whole best friend complex thing is really obvious. Makes them a pretty cute and well loved couple.
SB/JP: Sirius Black and James Potter. Uhm..the other best friend thing again, except not as cute and kinda more hot.
SB/H: Sirius and Harry. The whole guardian thing sets up for a nice romance. And considering Harry's childhood of not being loved by an adult, it's entirely without alot of dissagrement that Harry might develope a love for an adult that shows him affection. Yep..Well..moving on!
SS/SB:Considering Sirius tried to kill Snape and Snape hates his guts, another heated enemy desire/lust thing going on!
V/anyone: This is most likely..bad..being that Voldeemohrut is a LuhOOOZer and a bloody prat. He'd have to force it to get any.
R/S/J: Remus, Sirus, James. Come now, you'd have to wonder...I mean, they were "inseparable" right? Do you think they all experemented? Huh?
R/S: Remus and Sirius. They're both..canine. And hot. Sooo...'nuff said. J/R: Not alot of these out there, but I don't really think it's a bad pair, kinda cute.
H/G:Ginny and Hermione. Ahhh..the only Yuri pair out there for HP. 'Side all the minor girl characters like pavarti patil and pansy parkinson or..whatever her name was. They make a pretty hot couple, dontcha think?

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