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You have reached!!! my homepage!!! ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!

DyS hErE iS mAh HoEmPaGe On ThA InTaRnEt,MaD PrOpZ Go 2 MaH OuTlAw HoMiEz ReGiNaLd,DeReK aNd RuPeRt

FcUk Da PoLiCe Ma BrOdHaS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i LoVe MaH GuRl TaShA wE BeEn 2gE4 fOr 2 WeEkS

dAt DeRe Is HeR ^^^^^^^^^^^

dIz HeRe Is OuR fYnE OuTlAw CrUzAh

AnD DaT Is YoUrS tRuLy!!!!!

MoRe 2 cUm l8Ah!!!