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Eternal Damnation
Rurouni Kenshin Gundam Wing xover. A botched mission sent the pilot(s) to an unfamiliar place in time. It turned out not to be such a mistake after all as the past of one Duo Maxwell is uncovered.

Harry Potter

House of The Damned
In dedication to the proud house of Slytherin

The Forgotten Past
A different beginning in young Percy's life affects the life of those around him...including our young Mr Potter. What pivotal role does he play in the battle against Voldemort?

In the dead of the night, Percy ponders over his life and what makes him what he is now...

Through The Eyes of The Deceased
Grindelwald. Voldemort. Severus Snape. Harry Potter. What do they have in common? A story told from a refreshing perspective of one of Hogwarts' oldest and invisible resident.

A Moment in Time
A snippet of a scene from young Severus' life.


Fairy World
The fairy world is a wondrous place indeed. Written for class work.

Saying Goodbye
Alex cares for a stranger mysteriously dumped on his doorstep. One question you may ask though - why exactly did Alex take the stranger in?

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Flying Chair
Peking Duck


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