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Hi! I'm Naruhiko Horei! I'll be your guide through out this site for "Sakura No Otome". Unfortunately, this site is very new still, so it will be sometime before we can have everyting up and read for you! Please, try to stay with us, and if you have any comments you can e-mail me. Updates will happen once every week. At the moment, I can't say for sure which day it will be, but as time goes on, and if enough people like it, I'll set up a date! I hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

The Comic for this week..

Updated Every Saturday! Hopefully..

Date: December 24 2003


Sorry that the update took so long. I've been kinda busy lately. I decided to update again today.. Hopefully I can get back on schedule on this Saturday, if not then next Saturday. I also changed my webcounter because my other one was kind of acting weird. This one seems pretty good I think.....! I'm kinda tired.. ah! I hope you like it! If you have any comments please feel free to write them in the guest book!


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