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Katsuki Hiwata

Age: 21

Height: 5'9"

Hair: Light blue

Fave food: junk food


Katsuki went to japan to get away from her current life. Though, her reasons are unknown espically since she was so well off, it could be guessed that she wanted to go to college and study in japan. Although her last name is japanese, her mother is from the US, so she's half japanese and have caucaisan. People sometimes aren't comfortable around her because she sometimes acts very cold, although, most of her friends tend to stick around her for some reason. Her very close friend, Illya, use to go to the same school as she until she graduated. Unfortunately, because of some strange reasons.. Katsuki was forced to go to highschool instead of becoming a ronin because she was missing so many courses required to get into university.

Illya Rial

Age: 21

Height: 5'4"

Hair color: pink

Fave food: Pastries and sushi!


Illya loves to meet new people and make new friends. Her father is a millionaire who owns various stocks in companies and is also into politics. She has been traveling all over the world trying to find the perfect place to live, and decides to try Japan since Katsuki is there. She has lots of money, and actually has taken part in her father's company, but doesn't seem to be too interested in it. But, for some reason, she decides to live with Katsuki.. probably because she wants to be more closer to her.. and no not in That kind of way! Illya likes to tease people, like Nagami, only she isn't obsessed with caffine and tends to be kinda light headed at times. She also already went to college too and is a huge fan of anime.

Yorimi Kaijura

Age: 23

Height: 5'6"

Hair color: light purple

Fave foods: Sake


Yorimi runs a bath house put in charge to her by her parents. She quit school and never did too well in it, so they made her manager. She tends to be very sleepy most of time because she enjoys partying late at night, and drinks a lot. Maybe that was the reason why she didn't do well in highschool.. She also hired her little brother Hirosuke, but thinks he may be a bit too immature to work in a bath house. She also has a tendacys to be moody, and holds things against people at times. ven though she seems very hard on her brother, she really has a soft spot for him.

Hirosuke Kaijura

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Hair color: light purple

Fave foods: Ramen and western fast food


Hirosuke is still in highschool, and unlike his sister does very well in it. He works part time at the bath house in order to make a bit of extra money and enjoys working there. Mostly because of this girl named Rini which he seems to have a crush on. Hirosuke is sometimes very shy, but can come out and be very up front when he wants to be. Although, sometimes it seems like he's a pervert, he tries not to be because he knows his sister is going to attack him if he does anything perverted. Though, like his sister, he tends to be moody and can hold things against people. Although, can be very forgiving depending on his mood.

Nagami Shikawa

Age: 18


Hair color: black

Fave foods: Cappinco, coffee, Anything with caffine


Nagami lives at home still, she is currently in highschool and met Katsuki since she was going there as a "Ronin". Nagami likes people and has a lot of friends, in fact, almost everyone except for Rini and Illya. She really likes to swim, and enjoys watching anime. People think she's a lot more younger than she really is because she seems so small, and hyper of course. She also loves cute things, and in the morning is very hyper because she drinks several cups of coffee. She likes to go out to the public bath houses a lot too, which is where she met Yorimi. Normally, she spends her weekends drawing, or going to karoke bars. In many ways, she's similar to Illya.

Rini Shimokawa

Age: 22

Height: 5'10"

Hair color: Light brown

Fave foods: Anthing healthy


To most people, Rini may seem to scare people because of her muscular appearance. As people notice, she's not a native to Japan. She was adopted when she was 3 by a japanese family and ever sense has been looking for her family. Although Rini may seem quiet, amazon like, she has a softeness and feminity to her which she tries to hide. She's not use to letting people get too close to her since she's so focused on finding her parents. She's currently working at a magazine as a report and graduated from university 2 years ago. She likes martial arts and is pretty good at it, she also is a member on a bowling team as well.

Sakura Asano

Age: 24

Height: 5'6"

Hair color: Dark brown

Fave foods: Ramen


Sakura, unlike what you may think, is not the main character of the story :P Not to say she isn't an important part either! Sakura is currently training to be a teacher, and works as a teacher's aid at Katuski's and Nagami's school. She tries to wear the same business like outfit every day, but it can be fairly hard. 1 because she only has two suits, and 2, it's a pain to wash them everyday. So she can be seen wearing her regular clothing too. Sakura likes to be as professional as possible, but likes having fun and joking around too, finds most teachers to be boring. This is kind of a strange combination, and often confuses the students. But, because of her friendly nature this is how she met Nagami. Nagami didn't seem to treat her any different from the other teachers, even though she was just a teacher's aid. Sakura is also friends with Katsuki kind of, and she enjoys teasing her too. Her hobbies include, reading, teaching, running and clothes!