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Arianna LittleFoot

Welcome to my page.

height: 3'10

hair: firey red


town:Hobbitington Gold Kingdom

age:23-teenage hobbit

job:none, but is a entertainer, maiden caregiver and ladying in waiting.

Ana is from the Hobbitington kingdom where she was taught the art of many dances and how to play hundreds of song on the harp as well as sing. She is skilled in sewing, cooking, cleaning, and caretaking. Ana was trained and given the best of education. She use to be a ladying in waiting to the princess in the kingdom of hobbiting. She is also skilled in binding wounds and caring for others and the sick. Hobbitington was a lovely place but somehow it was disrupted and then disbanded. So ana went out on her own to find a job in a kingdom where she can use her various skills to serve a royal family.

Many times ana puts others before her own needs. She has little time to think about herself since she is so induldged in trying to help and comfore others. Ana's company is one of enjoyment. She has a loving and caring personalility. Despite Ana's size she want to be treated like everyone else and desires no special treatment.

She likes elves, and hobbits but has a foudness of humans and dwarfs for some reason that make her marvel at them. Ana loves long walks in the forest and nice boats rides on the river at night.

Ana does not trust easily as most would think, she has a problem trusting people and if people sometimes try to get to close to her she withdraws sometimes depending on the situation.