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.:.:The Realm of Lost Souls:.:.

Welcome to The Realm of Lost Souls. This is a site to have some fun on. It includes Artwork, FanFiction made by me (you can send me yours and I'll label it yours if I put it up here), Tips to improve your art (these are my tips that I use, and I can't really garentee you much, but it makes your art easier to draw.), Programs to do some art on, cool music files (called midis, of course.), Games from Neopets (NOTE: YOU CANNOT SEND YOUR SCORE IF YOU ARE NOT LOGGED INTO NEOPETS.COM!), and Links to other sites I believe that are interesting. If you encounter a problem, or have any great ideas on how to improve The realm of lost souls, contact me by clicking the such link if you will.

Music: The Labrynth theme


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