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The Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition


Control: 8

Graphics: 10

Fun Factor: 10

Camera: 10

Overall: 10

The Elder Scrolls II: Morrowind isreally cool. I am constantly on this game every day. The landscaping is amazing and the creatures are very cool. The best part of this game is the plug-ins that you can download. People use the construction set to build their very own mini expansions to their games. You can create new weapons, buildings, races, creatures, armor, characters, and more. The plug-in I downloaded about a week ago is probably the coolest one I will ever find. It comes with a new race, Hylian(see where I'm goin' with this), you start out with Link's green tunic, gaunlets, boots, and hat, and you have the chance to get the Hylian shield from the start(it's in the second room you go in at the start of your journey). Then, you go to the very back north-eastern corner of Vardenfell, where you will find a large, half-buried, Half- sunken temple. Go in the temple and you will be in a room similar to the one where you fight Dark Link in the ocarina of Time(hint, hint). Fight Dark Link, kill him, and take his sword, shield and key to the door that is really thestain glass window from the Windwaker. Go in the door, and you will be in front of the Pedastal of Time, where Shiek and Impa. Wait for you. Ganon is also there(really a daedric prince, but looks very Ganonish). There, you can take the master Sword, the Mirror shield, the megaton hammer, Link's goron and Zora tunics, his power gauntlets, hover boots, red and blue hats, two matchlock rifles(i don't know) with 20 bullets, all of Shieks clothing, and I think that's it. See what I mean? People have creative minds. Willah and Bacon have Samus' armor and someone is coming out with predator skins. Wow, I think I talked more about the plug-in than the game. Anyway, There are many races you can choose from, all whom have many different facial appearances and characteristics. There are hundreds of weapons and armor to choose from, and you can enchant them with different spells so you can find many different items, but can all be different somehow. There are hundreds of quests to do and several guilds yo ucan join. You can be an assassin, or a mage, or a thief, or a fighter, or a knight, and I've heard that someone was making a plug-in that allows you to be a merchant. You will never get bored with this game, EVER. There are also two expansions. Tribunal and Bloodmoon. They give you a new city, Mournehold, and a new large island, Solstheim. They also give you new armor, weapons and enemies. In Bloodmoon, I think you have the chance to become a warewolf, too.The one flaw is the attaking scheme. It's just "chop, chop, chop, chop, chop" until the guy dies. There are only three different attacks with a melee weapons anyway. You can also cast spells or use projectile weapons. If you have a computer that's like really fast and has a huge processor and big memory and big color card, get this game. P.S. Mike is stupid cuz his computer sucks and he doesn't have Morrowind